McNaughton Listens to Customer’s Recycled Requirements

The James McNaughton Group listened to its customers' requests for heavier weight boards in the Cyclus Print range, introducing 3 new board weights.

McNaughton, a stockist of the popular Cyclus range for many years, had been approached by customers wanting heavier board weights in the Cyclus Print Range. Customers loved using Cyclus Print because it gave excellent printing results and because of the unique 100% concept behind its production; but the lack of a heavy weight board prevented them from using it for all the jobs they wanted to.

Recent technological advances have enabled Cyclus Print to be produced in three additional board weights - 250, 300 and 350gsm, which McNaughton have added to their stock range.

As the UK's exclusive stockist of the new board weights, McNaughton are now able to offer customers a range that is available in a variety of different size and grammage combinations, making it perfect for a wide range of applications, where only a high quality, 100% recycled, product will do. From brochures and magazines, to report and accounts and CSR reports, there is now an item of Cyclus Print to meet all requirements. Cyclus Print is available from McNaughton in 90-350gsm, SRA2-B1.

The Cyclus Print range has the following benefits:

Genuine 100% Sustainable production process with by products used for cement, fertiliser and power, resulting in zero landfill.
Available in heavy weight boards up to 350gsm
Made from genuine 100% post consumer waste - reducing landfill
Available in cutter reels - for bespoke sizes
A 'natural' look, helping to promote the clients' green credentials
An enviable list of environmental accreditations, including ISO14001, EMAS, EU Flower, Nordic Swan, Blue Angel and NAPM Recycled.

McNaughton's next day sample service can provide FREE samples of any item from the Cyclus Print range. To request a sample or for further information on the Cyclus Print range, simply contact your McNaughton Sales Centre or representative, or e-mail info@jmcpaper.com.