Roll up for the CSN Christmas Raffle
  We have teamed up with some seasonal suppliers to offer all our CSN readers the chance to win some new raffle ticket business. Chris Richards at Whitehill Publishing who also trades as www.nelsonpress.co.uk is looking forward to working with our 5450 shops and supplying this season's Christmas and New Year Raffle/Draw tickets. We have road tested the online design service - kids play - even the editor produced the samples here in a matter of minutes. Advice to any legal implications is available along with trade prices to ensure our Christmas bonus.
To best show off these tickets, Chris offered to print a batch of 5600 raffle tickets to insert in next month's CSN. This generosity lead our chief scroungers to phone a few special suppliers to donate some prizes for you hard working readers to have a chance to win in next month's Christmas CSN.Don't miss out on your chance to benefit from our suppliers goodwill and for those suppliers not yet offering a few prizes, well I'ts never too late, please drop me a line. raffle@copyshopnews.co.uk Do expect lots of lovely free PR in return.


Now we really are getting seasonal.
We have been sent a rather useful calendar thumbcut punch by Pete at www.butonz.com

This works like a dream and one lucky CSN reader will be receiving this as one of our raffle prizes. Pete is putting together some special calendar packages to include everything you will need to get into 2009 production mode.mail@butonz.com or phone 01626 330 775

It's a Stick Up!

How about some customer pressies by utilising products in this month's catalogue insert from www.paperinnovation.co.ukYou can even use these to leave a note to Santa!

Prize list update www.copyshopnews.co.uk