Investment to make Arctic Paper greener

Arctic Paper, one of Europe's leading companies in the manufacture and sales of fine paper, invested approximately eight million euros in its Mochenwangen operation during 2008 and the beginning of 2009. The investments will result in higher capacity, quality efficiency and maybe most importantly, improved environmental friendliness.

A new press section was installed in one of the paper machines, the PM3, which will increase the speed of the machine. After one month of production the capacity of PM3 is already 10 percent higher and when everything is running as planned the capacity will be 40 percent higher.

The PM3 also reflected the biggest investment; 4.5 million euros. The PM3 Mochenwangen produces both book paper and technical paper.

Another major investment last year was in the plant's own power station. The existing steam boiler was improved in order to increase the efficiency and to get significantly better emission values.

"The steam boiler has been running since the beginning of February and the result is even above our expectations", says Jürgen Helbig, Managing Director Arctic Paper Mochenwangen GmbH.

Current investments are also being made in different areas of the mill, with the objective to improve quality and efficiency at the mill. " Our future focus will be to increase the capacity in our groundwood plant, so that we can further develop the production of our Pamo book paper when the demand turns up", explains Jürgen Helbig. Although times are challenging for the fine paper business we are confident in our strong product portfolio. As one of the few producers of FSC and PEFC certified paper for paperbacks; we have an attractive product offer even on a weaker market.

The main market for Arctic Paper Mochenwangen is Germany, reflecting 60% of sales. Other significant markets are France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

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