Arjowiggins Graphic - manufacturer of innovative environmental paper solutions, has launched the 'Copenhagen Co2mmitment' book. The special collection of photography depicts life in Copenhagen - the Danish capital city set to host the United Nations Climate Change Conference this month.

Commissioned by Arjowiggins Graphic and printed on its highly sustainable Cyclus paper, the book is intended to take a creative look at Copenhagen through the lens of four talented photographers - each of whom have approached their presentation of the city in relation to four themes:
CO2SY - Ninna Nisbet has created a selection of striking portraits and wintery views inspired by nature. Ninna describes cosy as "something you can't plan in advance, but something that arises spontaneously when taking photographs".
CO2OL - Anders Hviid captures the contrast of the city's industrial side with portraits of people of all ages in different environments. He says: "Cool for me is about being inspired...because of its openness and diversity this is a city with a huge range of open spaces - including streets, squares and even cool facades."
CO2RE - Anders Wickström's abstract photography captures people and places in Copenhagen. He says: "When I hear the word 'core' as a photographer, I see a series of lines and movement...which could perhaps prove to be the core of the city."
CO2DE - Helga C. Theilgaard's diverse images combine what she describes as Copenhagen's "all-embracing locations" with "the cold, rejecting places" of the capital. Featuring portraits of a mother and baby as well as young people in the city, each shot captures a "secret" moment in the lives of Copenhagen's inhabitants.
The book is the latest stage in Arjowiggins Graphic's campaign to support the environmental conference. 2000 copies have been produced and are being distributed to designers, marketing managers and print management companies. Those receiving the book have the opportunity to sign a Europe-wide eco petition pledging support to the conference and a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Arjowiggins Graphic will present the results of the petition to the Chairman of the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The book is printed on leading green paper stock Cyclus (which originates from Denmark) and also includes full details about the conference, the campaign and background on the city. Facts about how using Cyclus can help designers reduce the impact of their printed work on the environment are also included as inserts throughout the book. It is available to designers and printers registering at the campaign website www.cyclus.dk/co2/
Angela De Vorchik, UK Operational Marketing Manager, Arjowiggins Graphic, comments, "Copenhagen is a vibrant and inspiring city which will be the focus of the global environmental movement later this year. We wanted to create a campaign that captured this and allowed talented local photographers to portray the place that they know and love in a unique, creative way. The book shows a range of views of Copenhagen and we hope that, combined with the environmental information included, it inspires designers to think about the impact of their actions on our planet."The idea behind the petition was to use the conference as a platform for designers to voice their views on climate change and the action that needs to be taken to collectively address environmental challenges. Given that the results of the petition will be presented to the conference Chairman we are encouraging as many designers as possible to join up."

Cyclus brand of coated and uncoated paper is produced from 100% recycled fibres, with a manufacturing process that requires only one tenth of the energy used to produce virgin fibres, making it virtually carbon neutral. Cyclus is distributed by Antalis, James McNaughton, Paper Back and Premier Paper Group.