Mondi launches Green Range campaign

Mondi, a manufacturer of paper and packaging products, is launching a new campaign focused on its Green Range product family. The Green Range was introduced in 2006 and consists entirely of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified office and printing paper from responsibly managed forests, TCF (totally chlorine free) paper or 100% recycled paper. The Green Range product family has grown continuously - most recently with the FSC certification of the entire Color Copy portfolio of products as well as Snegurochka, the first FSC certified paper in Russia and the leading brand in the region. Since 2008 Mondi also offers PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) certified products. Green Range products are exclusively produced according to the highest environmental and social practices.

"With the launch of the Green Range campaign we want to firmly place the emphasis on sustainable development, which has always been a clear focus of Mondi and is becoming an increasingly important aspect for our customers and end-consumers", says Johannes Klumpp, Sales & Marketing Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper. The campaign is based on real facts. Every industrial process has different impacts on the environment. The question is how much does each company contribute to minimise its environmental footprint? In terms of the paper industry, the relevant topics are responsible management of forest, water and air resources. These elements therefore form the basis for the Green Range campaign and are summarised in the following formula: forest + water + air = Green Range. Consequently the Green Range logo should be recognised as a symbol of high environmental performance combined with superior product quality.

Mondi is doing more than simply endorsing its sustainable products with a green label. On a corporate level Mondi is actively contributing to sustainable development by planting 40 million trees each year to ensure sustained growth and manages a forest area of 2.5 million football pitches responsibly. Mondi has a defined target to certify 100% of its forests by the end of 2009. Together with the WWF, Mondi also supports the rehabilitation of wetlands in South Africa. In addition, as the principal sponsor of the Mondi Wetlands Programme, Mondi supports wetland protection and rehabilitation to secure fresh water supply and biodiversity. Last, but not least, Mondi is working to mitigate climate change by
improving operating efficiency and substituting fossil fuels with carbon neutral bio fuels. To date Mondi has achieved a specific CO2 reduction of 15% against a 2004 baseline.
"We are very enthusiastic about the use of cross-media marketing tools to better reach our customers and through them - the end customers - with this campaign. The tools range from advertisements, direct mailings, a dedicated Green Range e-newsletter to our upgraded Green Range website with an online competition featuring a grand prize of an adventure weekend in the exclusive ICE Hotel in JukkasjÀrvi in Sweden - with C02 neutral flights of course ," explains Wolfgang Kropiunik, Head of Marketing for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper. The winner will be drawn on December 31st and announced on the website.

Mondi is also utilising new social media, such as YouTube. The photo shooting of the characters symbolising the forest, water, air and the Green Range itself is available in the form of a "making of" video on www.youtube.com/TheGreenRange. At exhibitions and events the personified characters of the forest, water, air and Green Range will appear and communicate their messages on Mondi?s sustainable products.

www.mondigroup.com/greenrange ,