Cartonnages Larré cuts costs and boosts green credentials

Cartonnages Larré SAS, one of the leading companies in the French paperboard industry, has become the first converter in France to install KODAK THERMAL DIRECT Non Process Plates. The investment has enabled Cartonnages Larré to significantly trim costs by eliminating processing chemistry, and has helped cement the company's status as an environmentally responsible organisation.

Bayonne-based Cartonnages Larré specialises in designing and producing solid board packaging. With the help of its 45 employees, the company generates a turnover of €8m. Cartonnages Larré produces close to 150 million slip cases and folding cartons for a highly diverse customer base that covers the agribusiness, electronics, medical, footwear, textiles, cosmetics, animal feed and health sectors. The company's production also includes nano and microflute containers, as well as paper print runs, such as flyers, posters, magazines, advertising catalogues and more.

High productivity while protecting the environment
Cartonnages Larré was awarded the IMPRIM VERT label in December 2009 in recognition of the company's environmental approach. Significant growth in offset output in 2009 has supported the boxmaker's belief that environmentally responsible principles are compatible with productivity gains.

KODAK THERMAL DIRECT Non Process Plates are imaged on their KODAK MAGNUS 800 Platesetter, eliminating the need for a separate plate processor. Compatible with most thermal CTP Systems, the plates deliver a raft of benefits: they eliminate the cost of buying and maintaining a processor, no electrical or plumbing installation is required, and no chemicals need to be purchased, stored, handled or disposed of. Plus KODAK THERMAL DIRECT Non Process Plates don't require rinsing, cleaning or gumming.

"Completely eliminating processing chemistry was the main attraction for us," explains Hugues Larré, Chief Executive, Cartonnages Larré. "Cutting out processing chemistry, the costs incurred in reprocessing the baths and the maintenance costs for the processor has allowed us to balance our plates budget and boost our green credentials at the same time."

Quality with simplicity
"For us, it was a question of not only choosing the most environmentally responsible products, but also of ensuring their optimum interaction or 'osmosis' in our manufacturing process," says Larré. "The KODAK THERMAL DIRECT Non Process Plates have enabled us to square this equation. We're proud to be the first converter in France to take advantage of this innovative green technology."