Time To Do Something For The Environment: Time To Evolve

M-real UK is always looking for innovative ways to reduce their impact on the environment and help their customers improve their own green performance. The Evolve Business box is just one example of their success: a 100% recycled white paper, delivered in a box that can be re-used and recycled.Print shops choosing Evolve Business not only get a high quality, 100% recycled office paper for their important documents. They also get a box that can be easily turned into either office in-trays or a handy recycling box. And, it's all made in the UK, from UK waste paper.The Evolve Business A4 boxes have been specially designed with perforations to allow people to assemble stackable letter trays, individual, desktop recycling bins or a recycling bin 'tower'. Each box has easy to follow instructions on the base, making this innovation a winner with copy shops and their customers.This clever packaging idea gives Evolve Business users a bigger bang for their green efforts. They can help divert UK waste from landfill by using 100% recycled office paper and re-using the packaging in the office. Once the in-trays and recycling boxes are worn out, they can also be recycled. It's a real closed loop solution and can even save money in the office.Paul O'Shaughnessy, Brand Manager for M-real UK said, "We've had very positive feedback about this smart packaging. It's a simple way of improving environmental performance and that's what people want."Evolve Business is the ideal green choice for high profile documents and colour printing. Evolve also offers an everyday printing solution with Evolve Office. Visit www.evolve-papers.com for more information and your local supplier.For people who want to do something good for World Environment Day on the 11th of this month without the hassle, choosing Evolve is a step in the right