The Greening of Hollywood – Evan Almighty
 Schawk Los Angeles, in partnership with Universal Studios, recently produced a 'green' outdoor advertising campaign for the release of Evan Almighty using EFI's VUTEk® BioVu™ inks. This demonstrates the commitment of EFI, Schawk Los Angeles and NBC/Universal Studios to innovation and environmental responsibility."Universal Studios is working to reduce its environmental footprint as Hollywood goes increasingly green", says Stewart Huey, Universal Studios' vice president of creative operations for print. "We believe Evan Almighty is the first carbon neutral comedy film production in the world, and we wanted to carry that into our advertising campaign. Our partnership with Schawk Los Angeles has been instrumental in making that happen. All of our vinyl pieces, including outdoor advertising campaigns, boards in both our Orlando and Hollywood parks, promotional banners for events and some in-theater displays, are being produced using VUTEk BioVu inks and biodegradable BIOflex vinyl from Ultraflex."EFI's VUTEk BioVu (and BioWare) inks are the first solvent-based superwide printing inks made from a renewable resource - corn - and are the only inks recognised by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They deliver the benefits expected from traditional solvent inks: a wide range of brilliant colours, extreme durability, strong bonding to uncoated surfaces, and excellent resistance to UV light and mechanical wear. BioVu has no harmful Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions and is non-hazmat - lowering disposal costs. Vinyl signage for Evan Almighty was produced on the EFI VUTEk 5300 superwide format printer with BioVu inks using Ultraflex's BIOflex vinyl, which turns to dust under landfill conditions. "When this project came up," says Emily Hansen, large format department manager at Schawk Los Angeles, "we contacted EFI to explore the possibility of dedicating one of our three VUTEk 5300's to BioVu ink as a test site, and EFI was quick to respond with its full support. Both Schawk and Universal Studios were delighted. Without the ability to produce 'green' vinyl display graphics, it would have been harder to achieve carbon neutrality for the promotional efforts associated with Evan Almighty."The new, greener Hollywood is mobilised to reduce its estimated 140,000 tons of ozone and diesel pollutants from trucks, generators and special effects; to recycle hardwood sets that previously made their way into the landfill; and to participate in various carbon-offset initiatives such as the Conservation Fund's Go Zero program. For Evan Almighty, Universal Pictures leveraged BioVu/BIOflex and other strategies to 'go zero' in both production and advertising, and to 'zero out' its carbon emissions. In addition to these efforts, Universal Pictures partnered with the Conservation Fund to plant a forest of trees as a further carbon offset for the film. "The strategy behind BioVu (and BioWare) inks is aligned with EFI's long-held commitment to improving the environment and benefiting the company's global customers," said Chuck Dourlet, vice president of marketing, EFI VUTEk "Unlike many new products which are step change improvements, BioVu is a revolutionary advancement representing EFI's commitment to protecting an increasingly fragile Earth. In addition to the development of environmentally friendly BioVu inks, EFI has been leading by example with other environmentally conscious initiatives. EFI Fiery® digital print servers were among the first to ship as RoHS-compliant (Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances), representing an unprecedented engineering development effort and manufacturing implementation. Also, EFI's 10-storey, 300,000 square foot corporate headquarters is designed to harness the Earth's natural resources to aid in heating and cooling the space. EFI's energy conservation measures save the equivalent of 783 kilowatts of energy per day, which is enough to power approximately 600 homes."For more information about BioVu inks and other superwide format printing solutions from EFI, visit www.efi.com. For more information about Schawk Los Angeles, visit www.schawkla.com.