Put More On Plastic
 Are you ever asked for anything different? You know, the sort of customer who wants to stand out from the rest and have a business card, invitation to an event, ID card or even a promotional loyalty card.

Time to get out the plastic then and show off the ever growing styles now available from single sided printing to duplex with holograms on.Optional signature strips and and security data can be added and don't forget the fastest growing market of photograph ID cards. You will soon need your own ID cards just to deliver to some of your customers. Visual ID is becoming a pre-requisite to do business with schools for example and many of your customers involved in any sort of FM or even a two man cleaning firm will require ID.With a network of nearly 5000 print shops we are ideally placed to add these required on demand services to our print portfolio.CSN would welcome advice from readers already ahead in this field, while we research the kit required to fill this growing requirement.Capture of images appears easy with a webcam straight into your PC.I have been promised by Chris Rayner, MD of Eagle Technologies that even the CSN editorial staff will be able to fill in a template card ready to send to print.That reminds me that the extended team of intrepid CSN roving reporters are to get a new up market ID card. Yes we are having the latest card printer from Eagle to get to grips with marketing plastic cards.

If you are planning to visit a supplier's showroom to look at any new kit to share with us, just email your mug shot for us to make up your press ID.As we look forward to our field test, as usual the floor is open for your views and comments on the how's where's and when's for plastic card printing. We can share our pooled knowledge in next month's magazine, how about a Santa ID card or our own loyalty scheme?Suggestions please to whoareyou@copyshopnews.co.uk