Green For Go
  Our very own Envirowise micro website is now open for business. You will easily find all the latest green initiatives to clean up your print room, with downloadable tools designed just for you. The latest news from our responsible suppliers is updated daily for your appraisal. Best practice standards are being set and will deliver our industry's CSR charter.Our challenge is to match our customer's environmental buying criteria and to lead by example with our print professionals ethics. We have received our biggest postbag ever from readers contributing ideas for our proposed CSMA Print Stewardship Council.Everyone is invited. The digital print industry is our arena and we must educate our eight million customers to make the best carbon conscious decisions in their print procurement.The rewards are numerous, with the attraction of new business and securing our existing customers being paramount. Keep a green eye on your Envirowise micro site from the link on the CSN home page www.copyshopnews.co.uk.While you are there, do please update your free CSN subscriber listing on the www.interprinter.co.uk print portal to ensure you are attracting all the carbon conscious print on your patch. Many readers are already delivering more locally produced print in delivery times that have hitherto been impossible.Some readers have registered concern over the copyright of using our charter re-stated here. Please do copy this or use as your own draft, it has been written by CSN readers for CSN readers, if you receive this trade magazine you are entitled members of CSMA.CSMA Print Stewardship Council CSR StatementCSMA, Copy Shop Members Assoc. / YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE is committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of the digital print industry. We will fulfill this mission by our commitment to: • Understanding environmental issues and sharing information with our stakeholders, our colleagues at work, our suppliers and our customers.• Developing innovative and flexible solutions to bring about change. • Striving to buy, sell and use products that are environmentally sound. • Research into continuous improvement and innovation.• Encouraging all partners to share in our conservation methods, environmental principles and sound ethics.• To deliver excellent service by exceeding customer expectations. • Regularly review the legality of our supply chain.As mentioned last month; thankfully all things in digital print are adjustable and updateable, so please, more ideas for the CSR, charter of best practice and nationally recognisable name, to greenpages@copyshopnews.co.uk