2008, open your web shop

Readers have noticed the continual upgrade of this CSN website since we have incorporated www.interprinter.co.uk


This is due to our partnership with MWM Systems who have designed the engine behind the daily updated copy. The web development team at MWM recently invaded our offices in Brighton demanding to do more for the instant part of the print industry.


Our biggest issue around web sites is that not many of us are designing any due to the difficulty in pricing. Taking a brief is pretty difficult too where samples are not to hand and expectations not clear. The CSN mail bag is often topped up with queries regarding readers own sites, or lack of them. We have not had the chance to update our own shop's site due to a list of excuses mirrored by the CSN mail received. Too busy printing being head of the list followed by the skill set required to design and make changes in house.


Like all work put out, the control, especially of deadlines, is lost and our previous good name put in jeopardy. Better not to bother? Not really as the simplest of web sites is a pre-requisite to finding contact details and lists of services. We don't know how much work we are turning away as we appear to be closed or just invisible to new business.


Our answer to MWM's offer of help is personal to our own shop's experience over the last ten years when we have only completed four web sites for customers. We need a simple 'Your name here' template that we can personalise with ease and without any web developing skills. We want access to an on-line demo site where we can insert our customers contact details. Simple type and colour background choice will suffice, with upload logo as an option. When showing a customer his name on a site and adding a map, list of services, contact details and email we can convert to a fully posted site for just £150. Buying this in as it is really self publishing will only cost £100 from MWM who will host the new, fully updateable site for a year.


We will be given login details for updates which you can pass on to your customer or keep and charge for managing corrections. Add the initial design charges, for price lists and brochures which you have also printed, to the £50 profit each year and you will be saying yes more often to your customers communication requirements.
Lead By Example

Your own site can be purchased for the net £100 and if you want will be updated each week by CSN with end user news on the use of print and reactions to colour etc. A regularly updated site will not only climb the search engine listings to attract new visitors but will drive repeat visits for advice and tips. We have produced a rough idea of a template which includes the optional news reel in the right window. All subject to change, but that's all part of the design. Over the holiday break we will be listening to your feedback and developing a shop front we can all use. Financially you will have all of this at no cost if you sell to two end users. To be kept in the loop register please your interest: webshop@copyshopnews.co.uk  Make this one of your new year resolutions, a regularly updated site for your print shop, a demo template to personalise and save for your customers and more design and print work secured by fulfilling your customers objectives.