PaperCo joins the Prince’s Mayday Network

PaperCo has joined the Prince's Mayday Network, a campaign started by HRH Prince of Wales when he stated that: "Climate Change is the greatest challenge facing mankind today and we only have a very small window of opportunity to act."

Part of Business in the Community, the Prince's Mayday network operates to inspire, engage, support and challenge as many businesses as possible as they work together towards a sustainable future.

"PaperCo is already working in conjunction with Defra (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and other key Government departments. We were identified in 2008 as one of 20 key suppliers to participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project - Supply Chain Leadership Collaborator (SCLC) project - and have made a submission annually since then. The Carbon Disclosure Project aims to understand how business captures and interprets its carbon impacts. We are also on the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group held at the House of Commons," says Veronica Heaven, corporate responsibility director of PaperCo.

In 2007 the company's CO2 emissions were put at 14,791 tonnes per annum. By 2020 it is committed to lowering that figure to 10,410 tonnes. It is doing so by looking at ways of reducing energy used by heating, cooling and lighting and by having responsible company car and distribution policies.

Only recently PaperCo announced that printers using  9lives "born again" paper from PaperCo can now be supplied with an A4 environmental statement giving the specific savings the product has achieved in reducing landfill, litres of water, electricity, CO2 and wood. The statement can be tailored for a given job and this project will continue to evolve in future.

"We continue to support our customers wishing to progress to a more sustainable future and during this month and October will run a series of Environmental Matters seminars around the UK. Already we are PEFC and FSC certified and over 80% of the products we supply are Chain of Custody approved," says Veronica Heaven. "Sustainability matters and we are delighted to join the Prince's Mayday Network and share our methods of measuring, monitoring and reducing our carbon footprint with like-minded organisations."

About the Prince's Mayday Network
The Prince's Mayday Network, convened by Business in the Community is a collaboration of businesses at all stages on the low carbon journey, some leading, some just starting out. Named after the international "Mayday Mayday" distress signal and founded by HRH The Prince of Wales in 2007, their aim is to inspire, engage, support and challenge as many businesses as they work together towards a sustainable future.
Mayday businesses come from all sectors and range from the smallest micro to the biggest multinational and all bring their own unique story. Together they are tackling climate change and resource depletion and creating a route map for a better way of working. "We're all on a journey and we're taking our suppliers, employees and customers with us"
Past activities of the Mayday Network have focused around an annual Summit on 1 May but since 2009 it has developed into an everyday movement and really taken off. Numbers of Mayday businesses have almost doubled in the past 12 months and it is hoped to welcome and support thousands more businesses in the coming months and years.
"Business are uniquely placed to collaborate share and lead the transformation towards a sustainable future, and we are here to help by providing easy access to the knowledge, tool"