Arjowiggins brochure details technology behind recycled paper

Arjowiggins Graphic, a manufacturer of innovative environmental paper solutions, has produced a new creative and educational brochure to highlight the process that goes into making its brilliant white Cocoon 100% recycled FSC certified range.

The new brochure features a description of the entire process of the manufacture of recycled papers, facts and figures about the benefits of recycled papers and details of the new Environmental Calculator that allows designers, printers and corporates to calculate the savings made by choosing recycled papers over virgin paper stocks. To help illustrate the messages in the brochure, a piece of 100% recycled FSC certified pulp is included and a QR code is featured on the front cover, a matrix barcode that can be read by mobile phone cameras and directs recipients to multimedia content from Arjowiggins Graphic. The brochure is to be sent to 46,000 designers and printers across Europe.

The Cocoon range offers a best of both worlds solution to paper specifiers - being 100% recycled and 100% brilliant white with an ultra smooth surface for outstanding printability. This is made possible by the groundbreaking technology and processes that Arjowiggins Graphic uses at its Greenfield de-inking plant.

The pulp used to create Cocoon goes through three separate cleaning loops designed to be extremely efficient at extracting ink. The process is chlorine free, which leads to a high quality and white recycled pulp. The vast majority of the waste paper used at the Greenfield plant is sorted office waste. During 2010 just over a fifth of all the waste paper sorted and processed by the plant was sourced from the UK - 35,288 tonnes.

When specifying Cocoon for any specific print job, it's possible to calculate the reductions in environmental impact in the following areas: landfill; water; electricity; CO2 and wood. Now Arjowiggins Graphic's new environmental calculator means every company can check out the precise savings that they can make by using Cocoon compared to virgin fibre paper.

This may then be taken a step further by printing an Environmental Benefit Statement on the specific print job clearly showing the precise environmental benefits,Angela De Vorchik, Operational Marketing Manager at Arjowiggins Graphic, said, "We think that with Cocoon's 100% white 100% recycled promise seeing is believing. Our aim with this brochure is to demonstrate and showcase the great print quality and finish that can be achieved with Cocoon while maintaining the highest green credentials. The brochure will also educate people about the manufacturing process behind our paper and it's the first brochure to include a 100% recycled pulp sample."The cover of the brochure is printed on Cocoon Gloss 350gsm and the subsequent pages use the entire Cocoon Silk and Gloss range and a variety of printing techniques, all of which have been carefully chosen for their minimal environmental impact and to illustrate the quality and flexibility of the range. Cocoon is produced from 100% post consumer recycled fibre, FSCĀ  certified and is exclusively distributed by Antalis McNaughton in the UKwww.arjowiggins.comwww.antalis.co.uk