Perfect Document Creation

Perfect document creation is something every company aspires to. Whether
it's Coil, Spiral, Wire or Fastback binding PDC Presentation Solutions have
creative and cost effective binding, finishing and laminating equipment to suit
all business types.

CSN receives nominations for supplier's websites from the readership each
month and shares the best for us all to benefit. Following a recommendation
to check out www.pdcuk.com we were pleased to find so much quality
information on a very clean and well labelled front page.
Have a visit yourself and experience the vast and varied speedy links. Our
journey lead us to the new Rhin-O-Tuff HD7000 punching unit and PDC 250
electric coil climper.

The Rhin-O-Tuff range of punch binding solutions offers a wide selection of die
sets. At the top end of the range, the HD7500 offers an incredible 610mm
punching width, ideally suited for digital and wide format printing. Of
particular interest is the HD7500 with wire calendar punch, which will not only
allow calendars up to 610mm wide, to be punched with a thumb cut and wire
holes, but also will allow the tool to be used for A4 regular wire punching and
downwards. All Rhin-O-Tuff equipment is supplied with a free standard tool of
your choice. For more comparisons and features follow the link below:

We booked a personal demonstration for the above with the PDC 250 Electric
Crimper which will crimp one end of the coil perfectly every time, the 250 is
designed to allow the PDC Roll a Coil to sit on its top so that the operator can
spin the coil on and then simply drop the document into the crimping jaws.

For more information on the PDC 250 Electric Crimper visit:

For double ended crimping the PDC 350 Crimping range offers double ended
crimping for any size document and is available as an electric or air operated
system. The 350 is ideally suited to the high volume trade environment.