MPM Paper Health Check

MPM Paper Health Check

Since the launch of their web-based Workshop, Media Paper Management has
experienced an overwhelming response from companies seeking advice on
environmentally friendly papers for their printed products.

The St. Albans based paper specialist launched their innovative Workshop in
December with the needs of a diverse customer base in mind. Managing
Director, Doug Jessop, explains, "Our customers are end-users who fall into the
following categories: consumer and contract publishing, direct mail, tour
operating and retail. It's quite a varied range in terms of industry sectors, but
the common theme throughout is the demand for papers which are both cost
effective and environmentally sound."

Jessop is delighted with the interest and enquires that have been generated
through the workshop so far. "We put considerable thought into developing an
informative and usable site, and we've achieved this by providing eight
interactive tools supported by a comprehensive glossary of terms and

One of the interactive tools referred to by Jessop is the Paper Health Check
service. Although not a new service to existing Media customers, it has been
revamped so that now potential clients can submit details of their publications
and in return receive a professional analysis of alternative paper grades that
can offer improvements in terms of quality and cost as well as the possibility of
adding a valid environmental accreditation.

The Paper Health Check itself is provided in the form of a one page results table
which demonstrates a direct comparison of the user's existing paper grade
along with the proposed alternatives. The results are broken down into:
technical specifications, an environmental assessment and a breakdown of

Environmental manager Danny Doogan explains, "Being environmentally
responsible for printing paper can involve the use of recycled grades, certified
papers from sustainably managed forests - or simply even papers that are of a
lower basis weight."

He adds, "We offer a complete selection of recycled papers to suit all long-run
print processes, and as both an FSC and PEFC accredited supplier, we can
extend the Chain of Custody to our customers who prefer to use grades from
sustainable sources."

Sales Director, David Norton, states, "The Paper Health Check is an interesting
way of introducing paper procurement to the end-user, demonstrating how
even subtle changes can produce a significant cost advantage whilst achieving
a greener solution." He adds, "Because we're obliged to volunteer a Paper
Health Check every 6 months, the customer is guaranteed that we can never
become complacent about their business - even more added value!"

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