Inc. Direct validates its green credentials
Inc. Direct validates its green credentials

Inc. Direct, the cross-media communications specialist, has been certified
compliant with ISO 14001. The internationally recognised certificate credits
the company with effective and efficient management of environmental issues.

The certifying agent, QMS UK, granted the certification following a rigorous
examination of green practices in place at Inc. Direct. These range from the
recycling of printing waste and office furniture to computer recycling and
responsible electricity consumption. The award comes as a 10 year
accreditation with quarterly environmental audits to ensure that the company
continues to comply with the required standards.

Lee Marriott-Dowding, Inc. Direct Project Manager, said, "The graphic arts
industry, being what it is, can produce an excess of waste; be it hardware or
consumables. Inc. Direct has been recycling for a number of years now, and the
certification comes as recognition of the strides we have taken in reducing any
adverse impact we may have on the environment."

Increased awareness of the environment means clients are now taking more of
an interest in the green credentials of the companies they do business with.
Lee Marriott-Dowding commented, "Potential clients will now often enquire
about our environmental practices. The certification we have received
instantly signifies that Inc. Direct runs its business in an eco-friendly way."

With two Xerox iGen3s at the core of its kit, print waste is not a major issue for
Inc. Direct. The machines use entirely bio-degradable toner and used parts can
be returned to the manufacturer where they are recycled. The rest of the
company's printing equipment is also digital, which produces significantly less
waste than traditional litho machines.

Inc. Direct stresses that it will not rest on its laurels. Lee Marriott-Dowding
explained, "Now that we have been accredited with ISO 14001, our next
challenge is the ISO 9001, which is an international recognition that our
services are consistent and meet our customers' expectations. We hope to show
that Inc. Direct is a customer-focused business that takes its environmental
responsibilities seriously."

For further information please visit www.inc-group.co.uk