UPM Finesse workbook in duplex

UPM Finesse workbook  in duplex

UPM has published a brand new printing and paper workbook for its UPM
Finesse woodfree coated papers. The workbook shows the effects achievable
with duplex printing on four different paper finishes and two grammages.

The duplex edition is the second issue of the UPM Finesse printing and paper
workbooks. The workbooks are aimed at printers, agencies and the purchasers
of print products for the purpose of comparing the effects of printing and
finishing techniques on different paper finishes and grammages. While the first
edition focuses on the effects of MetalFX inks, the current edition concentrates
on duplex printing.

Across eight folders, the viewer can gain an impression of various duplex
printing effects and compare the same image in black and white, full colour and
various duplex reproductions. The whole workbook has been executed on four
finishes: gloss, premium silk, silk and matt, and in two grammages, 135gsm
and 170gsm from the UPM Finesse paper range.

"This printed sample collection illustrates the influence of the choice of paper
on the final print result and therefore is a practical decision-making aid for
paper selection," explains Anke Böckmann, Brand Manager for Graphic Papers
at UPM.

Duplex is a long-standing technique in which generally black and white images
are printed in conjunction with an additional colour. "Duplex remains an
effective technique for enhancing printed material and to differentiate it from
the flood of familiar four-colour images," says Böckmann. "Black and white
subjects gain in depth and plasticity, and a seamless visual impression is
created." Duplex is therefore especially well-suited for the representation of
landscapes, but also for portraits and industrial photographs.

The current UPM Finesse printing and paper workbook on the subject of duplex
printing is now available at upm.finesse@upm-kymmene.com