One Chance from Basildon Bond
One Chance from Basildon Bond

One Chance, an enchanting yet environmentally conscious range of notebooks
focussing on the plight of a number of endangered species, has recently been
launched under the Basildon Bond brand.

This unique recycled notebook range offers an environmentally friendly
alternative with all the flair and quality you'd expect from Basildon Bond. One
Chance challenges the traditional perceptions that recycled stationery features
inferior paper and uninspiring designs. The high impact photographic covers
feature endangered creatures, all of whom are at risk of extinction in the wild
due to habitat loss or the effects of climate change. High quality 80gsm smooth
paper is 100% recycled and bright white, achieved using a chlorine free
process, and the rigid board covers are also made from 100% recycled fibres.

The One Chance range is more than just a recycled option - the notebooks
encourage users to look at ways of reducing their impact on the environment.
They feature a double sided information sheet containing details on the cover
species, tips for living a greener lifestyle and eye-opening statistics
highlighting the importance of recycling.

Abi Pearson, Brand Manager said, "One Chance is a fantastic addition to the
Basildon Bond portfolio and testament to this brands ability to move with the
times. This product appeals to the aesthetic and moral concerns of a younger
generation whilst maintaining its long established dedication to quality."

One Chance reinforces Basildon Bond's commitment to the environment. The
range complements the Basildon Bond recycled business envelopes that were
launched in 2006. One Chance notebooks are available from 1st January 2008
and will be available in A4+ and A5+ twin-wire formats.

For further information on One Chance visit  www.one-chance.co.uk

Environment facts from One Chance:
• Each year UK households throw away almost 30 million tonnes of waste,
that's the equivalent weight of 43 million African elephants
• In less than 2 hours, the UK produces enough waste to fill the Albert Hall
• Every year we need a forest the size of Wales to provide all the paper we
use in Britain
• In the UK today, nearly 5 million tonnes of paper are dumped in landfill
or incinerated every year
• Every tonne (100kg) of paper recycled saves 17 trees