Green Graphics leads the eco-friendly print evolution by example

In the long term, how sustainable is a business or industry based on eco-unfriendly products? New Clarity Software user Green Graphics has certainly formulated its own opinion. It's built an innovative company on eco products that sets an enviable benchmark for its sign and digital print competitors.

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the UK's total carbon emissions for all consumed and imported products have increased by a massive 19% since 1990. DEFRA is urging businesses to reduce their impact on the environment by becoming eco-conscious in their design, materials use, packaging, delivery, marketing, disposal and reuse strategies.
The Green Graphics' business concept was a simple one: wherever possible use recycled, recyclable and reusable product materials to produce stunning large format print and display solutions. And then actually do it.

Using advanced technologies to create a sandwich of materials with a central eco core veneered by a thin, rudimentary layer, Green Graphics' displays are as sturdy as any other. They suffer no loss of WOW! factor capability on creative design. They have not compromised their ability to complete jobs, and they are at no competitive disadvantage to deliver projects within the expected timescales demanded in this fast paced digital print age,
but the environmental benefits are exceptional and the message to their customers is impressive, and in many cases unbeatable.

We all know how much effort we should be putting in to going green, but in reality the jury is out on whether we are actually implementing a strategy of significance. In business, it seems the decision to switch to a green model is hugely desirable for many companies, particularly the corporates, but often falls at the penultimate hurdle.

Maybe it's a concept just too far out of the comfort zone for business leaders and owners who need to know their forecasts are as good as guaranteed at this difficult economic time. But try washing that excuse with Green Graphics, who has embraced the profitable opportunities it presents and spearheaded its marketing strategy with it.

Crawley Council is just one of many customers who has commissioned Green Graphics to produce eco-friendly signs and displays. Used to educate the public on how to reduce their carbon footprint, the poster sized graphics were installed around the local park and exhibited how easy it is to adopt eco strategies within the community.

With a product range in place that industry rivals could only wish for, it was essential for Green Graphics to complement its eco USP with excellent customer service. Finding a software solution to support their growth was at the top of their list to complete their compelling sales proposition, and Clarity Professional was selected as the right MIS system to manage and drive their business processes.

"Clarity Professional was the most complete all in one solution we found," Business Development Manager Ashley Moscrop explains. "It gives us the ability to cost and quote complex jobs in a matter of minutes, and produce precise reports on our completed projects
to analyse profit margins and customer service levels."

"Since installing Clarity, all our internal and external communications have improved and our planning for stock and labour resources is significantly more accurate" Ashley concludes.

One thing is sure, Green Graphics has proven that eco-commerce is achievable through commitment, persistence and determination. Is it really that difficult to achieve? Incorporating a green strategy will give you a powerful USP that nobody can argue against, or take away from you.

And don't forget, your story will look great on anyone's website, magazine front cover, billboard, networkingg site...
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