PDF CAD Profit

PDF CAD Profit

It is not often easy to keep our beta test site equipment out of sight of our own
print shop customers. This may be due to our open door policy over the last
twenty four years and a healthy interest from our core customer base that
enjoys discovering any new kit on our premises.
Our recent trial of the KIP3000 system has produced a steady stream of
admirers wanting to scan, print and copy on a larger scale. Wanting real
scenario feedback we have produced a huge variety of prints for a widening
customer base. We had expected architects and builders to enjoy the new
service but hadn't expected so many artists wanting to capture digital
impressions of their artwork.
Certainly a large format scanner will compliment any LFP print service as
customers do not readily draw a line on our capabilities, if we print A0 they will
turn up with AO hard copy originals.
To measure how much work we had readily turned down over the years all we
had to do was start saying yes more often at our counter.
As a copier, all our shop team took to the easy operation of the KIP3000.
To make a copy in most cases is just simply feeding in the original and letting
the KIP do the rest. Even some of the more complex, re-sizing etc is only the
touch of a couple of buttons. Just a big copier really and a great retail price for
its products with AO's at £2.50.
Charge more for prints though as you need to crank up the PC and open the
files, no different these days than our usual A3 and A4 format work. So why the
mystery and hesitation to talk to this new revenue stream? I guess it is down to
a former language barrier. We can remember when these architect chaps would
arrive with very strange requests for reduction and enlargements, they used a
different ruler to everyone else that had scales and ratios un known to us.
Apparently these folk had to have everything quite so, as they used the
drawings to build with. The budget of these professionals never quite seemed
to match their aspirations and attention to detail required to think outside of
our comfort zone of experience. Past humiliation is the best description of our
teams feelings that I can remember, plus a real effort to please that had fallen
on stony ground.
Times have now changed with CAD programmes now falling into line and
saving as a PDF, or even the relatively new and fast growing AutoCAD DWF
format. The KIP deals with each as though it were a standard print file. Brilliant
we can now print for our most fastidious of clients.
Don't go down the half way course and supply plans on plain paper printed with
your inkjet though as toner is really the way forward, especially considering
the speed and instant drying time.
 Multifunction Simplicity
Start with a digital copier. Add printing and scanning features to grow with
business demands. KIP 3000 systems are easily field upgradeable via software
key codes. In addition to a full range of monochrome imaging features, the KIP
3000 may be used to create high resolution copies when configured with an
inkjet printer or scan full colour documents to file.
KIP 3000 systems are available in four main configurations to suit the needs of
the most demanding printing and imaging environments:
• Monochrome Copy System
• Monochrome Copy and Print System
• Monochrome Copy, Print and Scan System
• Monochrome and Colour Copy, Print and Scan System
Easier is better, so the integrated KIP 3000 touch screen operator panel has
been designed for easy use. Function buttons are large and clear. Menus are
intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring simple operations for everything from
walk-up copies to network scanning applications.

• Included cost recovery and access control
• Web-based & network printing software and application drivers
• One-touch mono / colour copying to KIP 3000 and inkjet printer
• One-touch mono / colour scanning to network or FTP site
• 100% toner efficient operation with KIP Award winning
HDP Plus Technology
• Touch screen user interface provides all system functions
• Single space saving footprint conserves valuable floor space

The proof test is how many customers can we attract to cover the investment?

With running costs of only 18 pence per linear meter including toner, then the
GP is achievable with the right volume. Our actual test model configuration is
a KIP3002 Copy, Print, STF, Colour Enabled System with PDF option enabled.
This lists at £23,263 but can be leased subject to the normal credit approval.
For example on a 5 year plan the rentals will be around £500 per month. We are
achieving at least one scan a day at £10 a go with no bought ledger so over half
the investment is already covered. The prints and copying have seen multiple
orders that are charged on average around £1 per A1.
Considering we have chosen not to advertise any of the new services until the
kit is installed on a permanent basis we are delighted with the revenue stream
already in excess of the costs.
For those office bound customers the system can be set up so that drawings can
be sent without leaving one's desk. Using KIP's PrintNET feature, users simply
open a web browser type in the location ie "CSN KIP printer" and a web page
then links them directly to the print device. All printing commands are catered
for and there are also on line help screens.
You would think that something that printed great big drawings and had all of
these features would be the size of a small house, but not so the KIP 3000, its
single footprint design and integrated touchscreen keep valuable floor area
down to a minimum.
The KIP3000 is what we call here at CSN, a genuine business opportunity, as
long as you have a local audience of builders, architects, students, club
promoters and hobbyists.
You may find an entry level of equipment considerably less to start with and KIP
will help recommend how and when to make the upgrades.

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