Arjowiggins Graphic, a manufacturer of innovative environmental paper solutions, has launched an emotive marketing campaign, designed to promote the benefits of recycled papers to businesses.

The eye catching campaign has been created alongside Antalis McNaughton and has been printed by the print and marketing solutions provider Pureprint Group - first CarbonNeutral printer in the world. It consists of three direct mail pieces, three digital e-blasts and a personalised notebook and will be sent to over 2,335 recipients throughout the UK this autumn. The mailers have been printed on a combination of Arjowiggins Graphic recycled papers, including 100% recycled Cocoon and Cyclus.

Shannan Hodgson, Corporate Affairs Manager at Arjowiggins Graphic explains: "Our research into the use of recycled paper demonstrated a lack of understanding amongst UK corporations about the potential benefits of choosing environmentally friendly paper. This campaign aims to demonstrate how companies can become more sustainable through the use of recycled paper and how they can use recycled paper to communicate key messages about their brand values."

The campaign carries the strap line 'it feels good', with one side of the first mailer explaining the environmental savings that can be made by choosing recycled stocks, and the other communicating the positive impact that using recycled papers can have on businesses and their brands.

Shannan continues: "The campaign is designed to appeal to the reader's emotions of feeling good by doing the right thing - in this case using recycled paper for marketing materials. For example, the mailer emphasises to readers that not only does it feel good to use recycled paper because it reduces landfill, but that the recycling process can also extend the life span of paper by six times."

Each of the direct mailers carries a different message. The first aims to inform readers about the benefits of using recycled paper. The second encourages recipients to share their environmental credentials using tools such as the Arjowiggins Graphic Environmental Benefit Statement (EBS) and comes with two 'it feels good' badges for recipients to wear and share, and the third provides key facts and helpful links to inform readers around sustainable marketing and how to reduce unnecessary waste.

Pureprint Group director, Richard Owers comments: "This campaign offers an excellent opportunity for us to get involved in promoting the importance of recycled papers. Recycled papers offer a superb quality print finish to rival that of virgin fibre papers, with a wide range of shades to choose from depending on the print job, with a variety of natural and bright white options available.

"We are committed to standing alongside other industry leaders to help improve organisational understanding of the positive impact that using recycled stocks can have on both the environment and on corporate reputations."

For more information, visit www.recycled-papers.co.uk