Green issue is hot on the agenda at Sign & Digital

Sign & Digital UK 2012 will open its doors on the 27th of March and will feature a Green Trail for the very first time. The Green Trail will feature all stands that exhibit a product that is considered environmentally or eco friendly. The list of exhibitors currently registered for the Green Trail at Sign & Digital UK include:

Arlon Graphics UK, Stand P54
DPF 204 is a 100 micron flexible white eco-friendly polyolefin film with a high tack removable adhesive. This film was designed to offer a more opaque greener option for interior and exterior POP applications. Compatible with Series 3520 a 90 micron clear eco-friendly polyolefin film with a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive.

Bright Green Technology Limited, Stand P34
Bright Green Matrix - LED Backlighting System
Optimised for outdoor and graphic display, Bright Green Matrix is a modular LED system for general backlighting - right up to billboard and beyond. Choose Bright Green Matrix for money saving retrofits of existing displays or for super efficient new builds.
By reducing energy use by up to 88%, eliminating maintenance and delivering premium quality illumination, Bright Green LED systems replace conventional lighting technology and help you save money, save energy and save carbon.

Clarity Software, Stand M10
Clarity Software's suite of CRM, MIS and e-Marketing systems offers huge eco benefits to its users. Using server and cloud based business processes immediately reduces paper consumption by over 50%. Capturing and interpreting key MIS information ensures shop floors run at optimum efficiency and clever off-cut management keeps stock levels and material usage at a minimum.

Doro Tape, Stand C60
Ri-Jet 375: This is a non-PVC Polyolefine film. Polyolefin is the largest class of organic thermoplastic polymers. They are non-polar, odourless, nonporous materials. Ri-Jet 375 has no plasticisers, lead or phthalates in its constructions. It can be incinerated and will not give off gases such as dioxin.

Eco-Banner: This is a non-PVC TPO material. TPO (thermoplast Olefin) is a polymer of rubber, polypropylene and polyethylene. Giving it the flexibility it requires for use as banner material. It is 100% recyclable as it can be easily shredded; melted down and made into pellets. These can then be recycled to make various products such as pallets, pipes, household goods and boards to name but a few.

Drytac Europe Ltd, Stand M20
Interlam Eco overlaminates
The Interlam Eco range of overlaminates are polypropylene based films which do not contain PVCs and use H²O rather than a solvent to disperse the acrylic adhesive particles. They are coated only on one side with a moisture barrier which does not impede performance but facilitates easy disposal (less volume) as well as recycling and/or decomposition of the release paper. The cores and boxes are made of 70%+ recycled paper.

Interlam Pro overlaminates
Interlam Pro is an innovative new range of over-laminating films that incorporate a new generation of aqueous acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive suitable for both external and internal use. Unlike solvent adhesives which are traditionally used for outdoor graphics, our unique formula contains no VOCs and is therefore less harmful to the environment, whilst also providing excellent resistance to UV and outstanding durability in all weather conditions.

Panda Print fabric
Panda Print printable fabric is made from bamboo, the choice today for eco-friendly products. Bamboo is a hardy, fast growing, easily renewable resource that does not require the use of pesticides or replanting after it is harvested. The bamboo used to make Panda Print is groown on an organically farmed plantation and is not harvested from forests.

Bamboo Display Products
This group of display products have an environmentally friendly bamboo construction, which also makes them lightweight.
What makes bamboo eco-friendly?
• Fastest growing plant on earth with increasing use as a versatile industrial material.
• Rapid maturity cycle of 3-4 years with the viability to replace wood or metal components.
• Provides a critical component in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
• The variety of bamboo used in this product is plantation grown and not part of the Giant Panda's diet.

Epson, Stand E70
The SC-S30600's low power consumption is ENERGY STAR qualified, allowing the user to minimise both running costs and their impact on the environment. The newly formulated GS2 ink has low impact on the working and natural environment. Also, provides outdoor durability of up to three years without the need for lamination and without any harmful compounds. The newly formulated GS2 ink is odourless and has low VOC levels and does not contain carcinogenic nickel compounds or harmful specified fluorine compounds which eliminates the need for any special ventilation systems to remove strong ink odours, thus allowing the SC-S30600 to be used in any environment, including offices.

Granthams, Stand P18
Mimaki's latex ink delivers significant advantages over alternative solutions - requiring a very low heat to cure, opening up more materials, consuming substantially less energy and therefore minimising running costs. It is also the first latex solution to offer a white ink - which sits along side six process colours with a vibrant yield and extended gamut. The Mimaki latex inks are quick drying and supplied in 600cc ink packs which when used in conjunction with Mimaki's eco-cases reduce waste and allow for long unattended print runs.

Hewlett Packard, Stand J10
HP Designjet L26500 and L28500- Designed with the environment in mind
The HP Latex Print Technology uses water based HP Latex Inks to produce odourless prints, making them ideal for any indoor and outdoor location. The HP Designjets completely cure the inks inside the printer and form a durable film on the print medium. Prints come off dry and are ready for lamination, finishing or display. The 61-inch HP Designjet L26500 and 104-inch L28500 Printers are ideal for customers entering the growing soft-signage market. The system features new HP 792 Latex Designjet Inks, which produce rich blacks and glossy results on banners and self-adhesive vinyl, and offer double-sided printing capabilities. Compatible with more than 500 media solutions HP Latex Inks provide a consistent, reliable performance across a variety of substrates.

HP Latex Inks - Odourless printing
HP Latex Inks address the demands of environmentally conscious print service providers. Their water-based formulation helps to reduce the impact of printing on the environment. They provide print durability and display permanence comparable to eco-solvent inks and low-solvent inks. From durable outdoor signage to odourless indoor displays, HP Latex Inks provide high productivity printing and broad media versatility across both coated and uncoated substrates. HP Latex Inks also print on HP PVC-free wall paper and offer indoor wall decorations that are GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified and meet AGBB criteria for health-related evaluation of VOC emissions of indoor building projects.

Hybrid Services, Stand D10
Mimaki JV400-LX latex printer
(UK & Irish launch at Sign & Digital UK 2012)
This innovative new wide format printer range from Mimaki uses ecologically friendly latex inks (including a unique white) too achieve a broad gamut onto the widest range of materials. Running at lower temperatures - and therefore consuming less electricity - the JV400 delivers faster print speeds, improved productivity and market leading quality. The advantage of an aqueous print mean print providers can achieve a durable, creative result with an ink that has significant environmental credentials.

Mimaki JV5-320DS
For printers seeking a high quality print at superwide size and with aqueous ink onto recyclable polyester - the Mimaki JV5-320DS continues to be the answer. With vibrant colours it's prefect for retail point of sale and answers the needs of many of the larger brands' sustainability and environmentally aware requirements. Equally at home producing exhibition graphics, flags and soft signage, it's green, creative and a powerful production tool.

Hybrid's Let's Do MORE! rebate linked recycling scheme
Hybrid estimates that this year alone, 40 tonnes of solvent ink cartridges will go into landfill. With its innovative 'MORE' scheme, Hybrid is providing a real world waste management solution and paying a valuable rebate too. If you're using Mimaki SS21, SS2 or HS3 inks, find out how you can Do MORE! on Hybrid's stand at the show.

Mimaki TS34-1800A
(UK & Irish launch at Sign & Digital UK 2012)
When your customers are asking for an environmentally friendly solution for display graphics, dye sublimation printing has proven eco credentials. The 1.9m wide TS34 sees its UK and Irish launch at Sign & Digital UK, so visitors will be able to evaluate this printer's enviable combination of speed, quality and aqueous printing capabilities.

Josero Limited / Triangle UK, Stand P150
EcoJet printer
Josero's EcoJet 180E is a 1.8 metre eco solvent, high quality printer. With the ability to print up to 27.2m2 per hour and have photo quality output up to 1440 dpi, it is the perfect printer for those wanting to produce pop up, roll up and self adhesive vinyl at a competitive price. It combines some of the best technologies on the market, using Epson DX5 print head technology, ErgoSoft PosterPrint V14 RIP and Triangle eco solvent inks.

EDX Eco solvent inks
EDX is a new line of eco solvent inks and represents INX Digital's Triangle brand which has developed a colour and chemically compatible product for the alternative market. The dual compatibility allows users to perform cartridge-by-cartridge changeover without wasting ink, and new colour profiles are not required in order to obtain the same colour as OEM inks when printing. Designed for Roland printers with Epson DX4 print head technology,

Eco Bulk ink delivery system
Eco Bulk is a new type of ink delivery system. As an integral part of INX Digital's Green recycling program, it is easy to use and features a unique cardboard box design that consists of 100% recycled material. Eco Bulk comprises of one box instead of five, 440 ml cartridges, with the ink housed within a foil bag. Once emptied, the bag is disposed of and replaced, a more sustainable approach compared to plastic. The foil bag contains two litres of ink, double the current industry standard of one litre packaging and resulting in less waste, but 440 ml cartridges will remain available for customers using less ink.

The META range of 1µm fibre laser marking systems delivers major eco-friendly advantages for product/part marking through extremely high wall-plug efficiency and the fact that no inks, solvents or consumable items are used and no hazardous by-products are produced as a part of the marking process.

Oce (UK) Ltd, Stand E10
Océ ColorWave 650 Poster Printer
The Océ ColorWave 650 PP ensures a healthy working atmosphere every day. The unique Océ TonerPearls make for a totallyy clean system: there's no fine dust, no odour and minimal waste disposal. As a result, there's no negative impact on the working environment. Toner waste is collected in the maintenance tray, which also forms the packaging of the TonerPearl cartridges. This not only makes it easy to handle, but also minimises waste disposal. And as the toner waste is completely non-toxic and solid, it can be disposed of as part of regular office waste.

Soyang Europe LTD, Stand P120
Soyang Europe will be showing their recyclable range of materials including Terratex and Recytex. Their products are PVC and Phthalate FREE and are fully recyclable.

Tetenal - F62
Tetenal will be demonstrating ILFORD BioMedia, which is a recyclable and biodegradable substrate suitable for a wide range of commercial print applications. BioMedia is a vinyl alternative and we've already experienced a warm welcome from the industry after launching the product in the US last October, receiving a Product of the Year award at SGIA in New Orleans and a nomination for Wide-Format Imaging Magazine Readers' Choice Top Product award 2011.

Also exhibiting products on the Green Trail are:

• Antalis McNaughton Ltd, Stand D40
• Applelec Sign Components, Stand N50
• Atech & FTC Ltd, Stand P106
Recyclable eyelets and environmentally friendly medias
• ColourLink, Stand C30
HP Latex printer
• Digital Print Innovations, Stand H60
Novus Aquapoxy print samples
• DISQ, Stand J60
• Fujifilm, Stand H10
• INDASOL Industrial Adhesive Solutions Ltd, Stand J74
• Inktec Europe, Stand K12
• Lion Picture Framing Supplies Ltd, Stand K32
• Profil - TS uk, Stand J72
• Quality Print Services Ltd, Stand L8
• Reprographic Technology International, Stand H14
• RotoSigns - L72
• Solent Sewing and Welding Machines - K50

Sign & Digital UK runs from the 27th - 29th of March in Halls 3 & 3A and will be held at Birmingham NEC.

To register, visit www.signanddigitaluk.com