OPUS POCUS – Instant profit

Thesis bookbinding is big business and I can't believe how much our own shop has been missing out on. OK we do have waves of students wanting four years of study printed and bound to be handed in one hour ago. This end of term rush could be lucrative if you could do the work while the normal jobs are running but in practice your attention has to be un-divided as even the design students files don't print without a lot of rejigging.

Now revenge can be sweet, and still in line with our student friendly manner. We can all offer more of a choice in the presentation of the final piece of work. Normal binding will suffice for the headless chicken dissertation days where apart from the pressure, all work gets completed and the queues do die down eventually.

The new service of a bespoke gold foil cover and maybe spine too can be very lucrative as the quality is so high. A personalised cover is so important as a prestigious front will set you up for the chapters of study within. Many students, maybe using Daddy's charge card, are asking these days for a memorial record of their 3/4 years hard graft.

Depending on the number of contributors who have sponsored their ordeal will determine the print run. The one off charge needs to cover your costs and some, but when multiple copies are required and the set up already costed the run on two or three volumes is where the icing is put on your cake.

The going rate, which all should adhere to is £3 per line for setting and printing gold foil on the book covers. Younger pupils yearbooks are also a great market worth going back to school for.

Don't advertise this at £35 per bind even though with personalisation this often will add up to that, times a run of on average of four. Yes souvenirs of an important chapter of a student's life is more than an hour in a gown and throwing your mortarboard in the air.
Consumables: - Linen Hard Cover, Spine and Foil £2.95 per book, you do the maths.

The deal offered by Opus to give you everything you need to start up this new business which can show a return on investment with the first quantity of consumables offered free on installation. This is a QPP readers only deal and you will need to quote the advert on the back cover of this magazine to get enough free stuff to pay for the kit when used.

We can recommend the supply and service from Opus as we have invested in this package ourselves.

The installation and thorough training is top class and a pleasant part of gearing up to offer your customers more.

To join in the thesis boom and benefit from the special QPP promotion contact Opus on 01202 812219