Favini is underlining its commitment to protecting the environment by renewing its support for a community based project in Madagascar, off the African coast.
In collaboration with the University of Padua, Favini is working to help improve the quality of life for the community of Sahavondria by teaching more innovative farming techniques that make it possible to respect the local ecosystem while helping them develop a more ecological tourism industry.
The project is named "Voiala" and is a microcosm of community actions aimed at recreating and protecting natural resources that are being heavily exploited. The main goal of the project is to take advantage of the experience at Sahavondria to develop a model for the other local communities to follow, while underscoring the benefits that can be obtained from the land and its resources simply through more conscious, respectful conduct

At present, the inhabitants of this village, located on the eastern coast of Madagascar, are engaged in protecting 2040 hectares of virgin forest and in reforestation efforts for the land surrounding the village, which has been stripped bare by decades of exploitation.
Favini is extremely proud to be have helped the Madagascar community since 2009 to regain control over its local environment through the company's know how, financial support and increasing awareness of the compromised status of the environment. The targets to be reached in order to achieve the overall goal are very clear: protect the forest and reforest lands that have been damaged by illegal clear cutting and by poachers.
For the first three years, Project Voiala focused on protecting 2,000 hectares (4,942 acres) of virgin forest from further destruction, exploitation and poaching, as well as on related education efforts. At the same time, infrastructures were created in order to help with reforestation. This created the foundation for the next step of reforestation.
Quarterly reports will be posted to the Favini web site to show the project as it develops - sowing seeds, land preparation and tree planting - with before and after images. Favini is proud to be supporting such a project of such great social importance.
Favini is constantly committed to the environment and was the first company to implement production processes certified by the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as a guarantee of respecting rigorous environmental, social and economic standards in the raw materials used to manufacture wood and paper products.
The Favini web site (www.favini.com ) also includes a section dedicated to Project Voiala, which includes a detailed description of the project and constant updates on the progress being made.