PRO-DESIGN range now available with Carbon Capture offering from Premier Paper

International Paper has announced that its PRO-DESIGN range, International Paper's flagship colour laser paper from its Saillat Mill, is now being offered with Carbon Capture
which is an initiative introduced by leading national paper merchant group, Premier Paper.

The announcement provides a further environmental credential and endorsement of the product's high sustainability standards and follows the recent announcement of the range's switch from PEFC to FSC certification, and also the introduction of an FSC certified 350gsm heavy weight paper to its PRO-DESIGN range in August last year.

The PRO-DESIGN range is already known for its high environmental performance, having recently received FSC accreditation the PRO-DESIGN range already carries the EU-Ecolabel and the carbon capture initiative is another significant addition to its environmental criteria.

PRO-DESIGN is produced at International Paper's Saillat mill in France, which is one of the world's best performing sites in terms of CO2 emissions. Since 1990, Saillat has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 78%.

The Saillat mill uses thinning from certified forests or those that are in the process of becoming certified, with its main forestry supplies located within just 128km of the mill, reducing any transport related environmental impacts such as CO2 emissions.

Saillat also recovers by-products from the furniture and framing industries which represents 27% of its wood supply. In terms of energy efficiencies and performance, some 88% of Saillat's energy requirements are met by the on-site production of green energy (biomass).

The Carbon Capture initiative allows International Paper's customers to effectively "capture" the CO2 emissions from their PRO-DESIGN paper purchases made through Premier Paper by planting native woodland in the UK, through The Woodland Trust and The Woodland Carbon Scheme.

Customers who order papers from the PRO-DESIGN range can choose to capture the carbon used in the manufacture and distribution processes of the paper. The amount of CO2 that has been generated is then calculated.

A certificate and a copy of the Woodland Carbon logo will then be issued, which customers can use on all print jobs produced using papers in the PRO-DESIGN range that have been carbon captured. This will provide a further enhancement to their brand and their environmental messaging.

Dave Jones, Group Marketing Director of Premier Paper Group, said, "Premier's Carbon Capture scheme is unique as it works with the Woodland Trust and captures CO2 through creating woodland right here in the UK. We have elected to capture the CO2 from all our sales of PRO-DESIGN sold through the Premier Paper Group and by doing so are making a tangible and practical contribution to the UK environment by creating woodland that we can all visit and enjoy."

Woodland Carbon is an accredited, award winning carbon removal scheme that is operated under the Government's 2011 Woodland Carbon Code. Organisations looking to reduce their environmental impact and migrate their carbon emissions can fund tree planting with The Woodland Trust, the UK's leading woodland conservation charity. It is estimated that 25m² of native British woodland captures and stores at least one tonne of CO2. Customers wishing to find out more can visit www.woodlandcarbon.co.uk