Arjowiggins Graphic is encouraging people to share their attitudes as part of the latest Cyclus campaign. Through a series of mailers, e-blasts and a designated Facebook group the campaign will help secure clean drinking water for 3,000 people in the village of Dafra, Burkina Faso, Africa in partnership with SOS Children's Villages, France.

The mailers, which double up as hangers, feature a series of bright and colourful designs that direct people to the Facebook group: facebook.com/cycluspaper. With the tagline: 'Attitude alone is nothing. Sharing it is everything', Facebook users will be encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings to illustrate that attitudes can play a central role in supporting the environment.

Antalis, a distributor for Cyclus in the UK, is supporting the campaign and at the end of every month (July to October) SOS Children's Villages France will choose the five most creative attitudes uploaded onto Facebook and award these winning entries with 500kg of Cyclus 100% recycled paper for their next pro bono charity project or to donate to their chosen charity.

Marian Thomasson, Marketing Communications Manager at Antalis explains: "By launching in the UN's Year of Water Cooperation, the campaign aims to showcase the need for people to use paper that demonstrates the right attitude to the environment. Cyclus is committed to using the minimum of water (two times less water than used for the production of non recycled paper) without compromising on paper quality, which is good for the environment and for business. This campaign will help demonstrate that the choice of paper can have more of an impact on the environment than is often acknowledged."

Angela De Vorchik, Operational Marketing Manager for Arjowiggins Graphic said: "We want to show that attitudes can really make a difference in the world. 783 million people are still without access to drinking water, but by sharing your attitude we can begin to make a difference in a small way to help overcome this global challenge. Uploading attitudes on the Facebook group will trigger our donation to SOS Children's Villages, France. This will help support 3000 people in Dafra to have access to clean drinking water."

Arjowiggins Graphic's website - www.recycled-papers.co.uk  

SOS children's village website - www.sos-childrensvillages.org  
Antalis website - www.antalis.co.uk