Mondi’s climate neutral offering expanded to include inkjet papers

Santa Caterina, Brazil

Mondi has expanded its offering of CO2 neutral papers to include its line of high speed inkjet paper products. This has been done to underline its commitment to reducing CO2 emissions overall and also in response to the growing demand for climate neutral products in the professional printing market.

"Climate and resource protection is a vital part of our product stewardship and is increasingly turning into a competitive advantage for Mondi," says Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper. For buyers all over the world, across all industries and business fields - but also in public administration - environmentally sound paper procurement is continually growing in importance. "For our customers, the paper they use for printing represents a significant component of their environmental message," Mr. Klumpp adds.

One such Mondi customer, LBBW, has been engaged in the area of sustainability for many years now. "We want to actively contribute to climate protection and support a low emission economy. This is why LBBW developed its own climate strategy in 2011, including a defined target for reducing our CO2 emissions. In addition to reducing energy consumption through technical optimisations and the use of green energy, purchasing and using CO2 neutral paper is another important step towards reaching our goal," explained Wolfgang Nickel, Head of the Group Output Management Services, Landesbank Baden - Württemberg.

Together with the climate protection specialist ClimatePartner, Mondi calculated the carbon footprint of its paper products back in 2010. On the basis of this calculation, Mondi launched Color Copy, its premium laser paper, fully CO2 neutral from cradle to Mondi gate. NAUTILUS®SuperWhite has since also been offered optionally CO2 neutral. Mondi has now a fully developed company wide IT based product carbon footprint programme to calculate a detailed carbon footprint of all paper and packaging products. The calculations are based on the "10 toes" model developed by the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI).

"We are able to calculate the carbon footprint of each product, at each stage of the supply chain, to determine the effect of our greenhouse gas reducing activities at every stage," stated Mr. Klumpp. "Sustainable development is not a separate part of our business. It is our business."

Dr. Klaus Reisinger, CEO of ClimatePartner Austria, adds: "The paper's carbon footprint - which makes up roughly 70% of the carbon footprint of a print job - has been calculated and the measures for reduction have been determined jointly with Mondi. Unavoidable emissions are offset via emission reduction certificates from a new hydro power project in Santa Catarina, Brazil."

Mondi has reduced its CO2e emissions per unit of saleable products by 25% since 2004 and has an overall rate of renewable energy usage of 58%. Mondi strives to increase environmental efficiency across the company by reducing water and energy consumption, lowering emissions to air and water, and by preserving biodiversity. To promote knowledge sharing amongst stakeholders both in the industry and within the company itself, Mondi hosts environmentally focused 'Green Events' as well as 'Green Trainings' and also offers online learning tools, such as the 'Green Range Trivia Game'
(www.mondigroup.com/gogreentrivia ).
All Mondi-branded papers now carry the company's Green Range label, which stands for sustainable paper production and consists only of papers that meet three core criteria: FSC or PEFC certified, 100% recycled or TCF (totally chlorine free) bleached.