Caught in the act

Guilty as charged, someone at Colourfast in Brighton is not only promoting a Data Copy take away paper supply service but showing off their new Plex Display Aqua Base swing sign at the same time.

What is the print world coming to when our quick print service has to be complimented by promoting paper sales and signage products?

When interviewed, these copy shop culprits did not want to be caught in the press so may have given false names, Simon and Garfunkel, apparently they were just trying to keep their customers satisfied.

Swing by www.plexdisplay.com  for all your customer pavement and signage requirements.

For information about becoming a Data Copy stockist and joining the A4&more club email info@a4more.com or visit www.a4more.com  Also check out their flyer in the December/January magazine, printed on the remarkable Xerox 570 which we don’t want to stop trialing, on to Data Copy 100 gsm plain paper, yes not special colour paper. The colour quality is brilliant and ideal for lots of your regular jobs, so stock some and see.

Aqua Base Swing on Trial

There is something very tactile about a well engineered product and recording customer reaction is paramount to a proper QPP case study.

QPP were invited to swing into some rather swish marketing and get noticed using our very own Aquabase Swing Sign.

Firstly we were impressed with how easy the sign was to assemble, kids play, pack flat has never been so simple.The wheels on the base go round and round, I did say it was kids play, and easily manoeuvre the sign into position.

Outside our shop the display is sturdy and certainly makes your message stand out. For extra stability just add water or sand although this will effect your driving home speed when bringing your sign in for the night. A guide is if it starts to swing so fast you think you could make electricity from it then it needs a bit of ballast.

Best practice for getting your marketing in front of your oncoming pavement traffic is to turn it sideways to utilise both sides of the enormous 910mm x 640 mm graphic display areas. The sign hangs from stainless steel security brackets.

Buy a demonstration model and sell the concept to your customers. After a couple of sales your advertising is for free. Don’t forget to update the posters as originality will make passers buy. Why not try something different?