Want to be part of the Green Range club? You can with the Mondi paper products.

The Green Range product consists entirely of FSC or PEFC-certified paper from responsibly managed forests, 100 per cent recycled papers or TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) papers. Since 2012 all Mondi branded papers are part of the Green Range.

Being part of the Green Range means that you're purchasing papers that reflect your commitment to sustainability, and that your decision to buy these products is an astute choice in line with the global concern for eco-conscious production.
This means that your customers can be sure that the job they are working on with you is executed in as green a way as possible and they can pass on this good news to their clients too.
Mondi Uncoated Fine paper offers the Green Range logo, which is a symbol of high environmental performance in sustainable paper production.

NAUTILUS is the recycled paper that combines impressive image quality with excellent environmental performance, available for all printing technologies. It also has an option for Carbon neutral. Like every other industrial process, its production gives rise to CO2 emissions, but these are neutralised through verified emission reduction programmes.
It was 25 years ago that BIO TOP was launched, to commemorate this long standing product and the recognition of the long term performance of its unique off white.

Mondi is now offering BIO TOP 3 80 gsm in a CO2 neutral version to further strengthen the paper’s exceptional environmental credentials. As well as focusing on the product side, Mondi focuses very much on the environmental issues facing the world today. In 2014 Mondi and WWF announced a three-year strategic partnership that focuses on increasing environmental stewardship in the packaging and paper sectors.
The partnership confirms that addressing environmental sustainability makes good business sense, and will focus on minimising the impacts of Mondi’s operations on forests, climate and water, and encouraging sustainable practices in the industry.

To read more on what sustainability means to Mondi and your customers check out the case studies and sustainable development report at…