Print on Walls

Coala Supertack, supplied by Antalis UK, has transformed a dull, unwelcoming reception of a complex of luxury apartments into a striking, tropical statement piece guaranteed to make a lasting impact on visitors. The apartments offer five star seafront luxury, but the reception, with its plain, whitewashed wall just did nothing to convey the premium holiday experience awaiting guests.

Keen for the booking office to reflect the high-end interiors of the apartments, the owners turned to bespoke creative design and print service company adverset media solutions, also based in Scarborough, for help. John Easby, Managing Director at adverset explains, “We were approached by the sales team at Escape2 with the objective of making the booking office of the apartments more attractive to customers. Being directly on the seafront gave us the inspiration and vision to create a vibrant, tropical underwater theme, revamping a breeze blocked, tiresome wall to exude the five star atmosphere of the apartments.”

Adverset then faced the challenge of finding a substrate that would properly adhere to the outline of the breezeblocks and were introduced to Coala Supertack, by their local Antalis Account Manager, Melanie Burns.

Coala Supertack is a 96 micron, satin white polymeric high-grade calendered ‘high-tack’ vinyl. An industrial grade wall film designed for rough and textured surfaces; it is ideal for use on concrete, stucco and brick, as well as low energy or hard-to-stick surfaces such as ABS plastics. It can be printed using solvent, latex or UV inks.

“We’d previously tested out Supertack on a wall in our offices, but this was our first ‘live’ installation,” says Easby. “We did originally consider a cheaper alternative, however Supertack had a longer lifespan (five years) and during initial tests it was clear that it was a much more durable substrate and less prone to shrinkage. Antalis provided us with a trial sample, and we quickly came to the conclusion that the quality of the substrate was too good to pass up. The increased cost was easily overshadowed by the reduction in application time and ease of use.”

The eye-catching, vivid imagery was printed onto the Coala Supertack using a HP Latex 360 large format printer, with no need for additional varnishing or finishing techniques, saving further costs and time.

“Many substrates would struggle to cope with being applied to a breeze block wall, however, (using heat methods), Supertack effortlessly moulded into all of the curvatures, giving a fabulous end result and making it a fantastic choice for this particular type of application. It sank deeper into the brickwork channels without splitting, unlike cheaper substrates we had considered using,” concludes Easby.

The end result? A stunning transformation of a dull breezeblock wall into a striking, inviting visual feature akin to hand painted wall art, that is high quality, durable and required no troubleshooting during application.

“We would use Supertack again, without hesitation,” enthused Easby.

For further information on Coala Supertack, and what Antalis products can do for your customers visit: www.antalis.co.uk