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Talking Print – Bespoke marketing print comes to life at Marketing Week Live!

London based Audio and Video in print consultancy, Talking Print, presented its unique, short run on-demand ‘Bespoke Video Brochures’ at the Marketing Week Live 2015 show in London.
Talking Print’s short run on demand Bespoke Video Brochures have proved to be an ideal aid for agencies and marketeers in high value pitches, or as part of an advertising or promotional campaign. The video in print brochures have been used by a wide variety of brands, large and small. From ad agencies, tech companies to up market property consultants.

The video brochures are all produced to customer’s specifications, and can be turned around in three days or less! Using digital print they can be personalised, with no minimum quantity requirement. Being produced in the UK there is total control of quality and delivery. No last minute shipping panics!

Screen sizes vary coming in sizes, 2.4”, 4.3”, 7” and 10”. The brochures are printed to any size or format. The books can then be wrapped in either soft or hardback versions, or, alternatively, customers can provide their own wrap and Talking Print will provide the internal module.

Talking Print has in-house experts in audio and video, print and marketing, all of which enable the video and printed brochures to work together seamlessly, and deliver the finished product on time and to specification.
Its with this extensive knowledge in all aspects of the print production process, Talking Print can design, write, artwork and print, both litho and digitally, a personalised, bespoke print creation that will add sound, and visual imagery to any form of pitch, presentation, marketing campaign or brochure visual.

Talking Print is the brainchild of Managing Director David Hyams, who, due to his background and experience in all forms of graphic design and print, prides himself on being big on quality and keen on price.
Speaking about Talking Print’s unique concept at the Marketing Week Live show, David, stated, “If agencies or marketeers have a high value pitch or campaign to win, then this is the perfect, bespoke complement. The feedback we have had from agencies has been firstly, wow! Then they can see that it’s a tangible investment, and have told us they won their pitch as a result of their purchase of our video in print brochures, which says it all!”