Kall Kwik Oxford

After teaming up with the UK's leading woodland conservation charity the Woodland Trust, Oxford printing company Kall Kwik has captured an outstanding 7,744kg of carbon dioxide.
Kall Kwik, based in the Oxford Business Centre in Osney Lane, offers a complete design and print service for business including short run digital output and large format posters and banners. Earlier this year, Kall Kwik director Christine Herbert took part in a Carbon Capture tree planting day in Heartwood Forest, where more than 3,000 trees were planted at a site which is now the UK’s biggest continuous new native woodland.

Said Christine: “Many believe that paper products are not environmentally friendly because the manufacturing process involves cutting down trees.  In fact, our industry has always been one of the most active when it comes to green issues.
By sourcing trees from properly managed forests and then balancing the carbon emissions created during the paper making process through helping to create new native woodlands, significant amounts of carbon are removed from the atmosphere and stored.”
She explained: “Each time we are invoiced for paper by our supplier the amount of CO2 produced is itemised.  This company has signed up to the Woodland Trust’s Woodland Carbon scheme and keeps a record of the total estimated emissions produced.  As a result the number of new trees required to absorb the equivalent amount of gas is planted on days like the one I recently took part in.”
Woodland Carbon is a unique scheme to help companies reduce their carbon footprint by locking up carbon emissions through planting trees. Other businesses on board to create new woodland and harness nature’s simple and powerful way of removing carbon dioxide from the environment include Waitrose, Pearson plc, Eurocamp, Premier Paper and CFH.
It is calculated that 25m² of native UK woodland will capture and store one tonne of CO2 and creating large areas of new native woodland, will, over time, remove hundreds of thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
For more information about Kall Kwik Oxford telephone 01865 791003, email christine@oxford.kallkwik.co.uk  or visit www.kallkwik.co.uk/oxford