PermaJet launch new paper surfaces.

Fifteen years after introducing their incredibly popular Fine Art range to industry success, PermaJet has adopted new technology to enhance the range for exceptionally high quality prints produced with modern printers and inks.

Following an eighteen month period of thorough market research, customer feedback and product development, PermaJet has refined their Smooth and Textured Fine Art papers to ensure they meet your current and future printing needs.

The new range comprises five enhanced products, which join some of the classic best-selling media in the World.

Utilising new coating technology processes and enhanced base materials, PermaJet has created a range of products that will deliver images of the highest quality. The superior coating, combined with modern ink technology ensures you get some of the highest Dmax ratings in the World today.

These iconic Fine Art papers have now evolved into a show stopping collection which is all available in advanced 15 metre length rolls and all sheet formats. PermaJet has managed to widen the range they offer the customer while reducing the confusion and making a much clearer division between the products they offer.

The new fine art media sits perfectly alongside the unchanged Portfolio Rag at 220gsm and Omega Rag at 315gsm which benefit from the same material base tone, surface and upgraded coating technology.
10 SHEET BOXES - PermaJet has also launched an exclusive NEW 10 SHEET PACK across each new product in this upgraded Fine Art range which provides incredible value for those working on smaller print runs that are after the same exhibition quality product.
PORTRAIT RAG 285gsm - A classic from the PermaJet range that retains its 100% cotton base and subtle texture while making it marginally lighter at 285gsm. This product is acid-free and meets the highest digital art standards. Certified by an independent UKAS Laboratory this material, like many PermaJet products, exceeds the Fine Art Trade Guild’s archival standards and is ideal for art and photo reproductions. Smooth skin tones and image sharpness can be achieved with the wide colour gamut and high D-Max that the new coating brings.
PHOTO ART SILK 290gsm -The popular surface and finish of the Smooth Art Silk has been updated to a 290gsm base offering printer friendly loading. The unique ink receiving layer that exhibits the silk/satin sheen once printed on has been developed to give greater colour vibrancy and increased scratch resistance.
This superb coating is undetectable on the surface until the ink is applied and then bursts with a subtle yet, vibrant silk sheen.
The new Photo Art Silk 290gsm media is ideal for all reproductions of landscape, wildlife and creative digital art as well as portraiture.
UNCHANGED PRODUCT - The New Portrait Rag 285gsm sits perfectly alongside the unchanged Portfolio Rag 220gsm,Omega Rag 310gsm and Portrait White 285gsm which benefit from the same material base tone, surface and upgraded coating technology. PermaJet also have their OBA FREE fine art product in the line-up with the incredibly popular Alpha Natural Rag 310gsm.
Alpha Natural Rag 310gsm - The final product in the Smooth range is Alpha Natural Rag 310gsm which has been in the range for 10 years and is credited as being a favourite of master printers across the World. Produced from 100% acid and lignin free cotton linters this product has no brightening agents in either the coating or the base. Being truly OBA free it is ideal for images that stand out on a media with a slightly warmer tone to the base.
The Textured Fine Art Range has an all new line up consisting of products which all share the same modern coating technology applied to their unique surface textures.

MUSEUM HERITAGE 310gsm - The new Museum Heritage has been developed in co-operation with high quality image reproduction labs to ensure it delivers the maximum structure where ink can reside and be retained making it the toughest art surface the world has seen to date. This is a 310gsm natural white art paper with a pH neutral base that is delicately textured. Produced from a mix of cotton and Alpha Cellulose which give a soft feel while retaining the rigidity the art printing and framing makers demand. Museum Heritage 310 benefits from a wide gamut volume with low colour error, and promises to become an iconic addition to the range.

ARTIST WATERCOLOUR 250gsm - The Artist Watercolour 250gsm textured art paper has a sumptuous off-white base tone made from alpha cellulose. The mould-made base material with a highly defined rough surface that delivers incredible fine art prints.
Ideally suited to the reproduction of artists watercolour work or the output of photographic images from which you wish to achieve subtle artistic impressions. It has a very high colour gamut volume and a Dmax of 1.6 which combine to give you an elegant and versatile art paper.

GALLRY ETCHING 310gsm - This incredible addition to the textured fine art range provides one of the most interesting textures available whilst allowing the most detailed image reproduction possible. The heavy weight, alpha cellulose 310gsm base is reminiscent of a modern day etchings paper exhibiting a consistent and undulating matt coated surface. It’s natural whiteness works in harmony with any artistic or creative photographic image.
This is the ideal paper for those wanting to reproduce artworks with a rigidity, texture and feel of the most loved textured fine art materials available.

To find out more and see PermaJet's new range of Fine Art Inkjet paper visit: www.permajet.com