HEXIS UK Ltd. adds new eco-friendly films to its product portfolio


HEXIS UK Ltd., the exclusive UK distributor of HEXIS S.A.’s full range of films and media for professional signage, vehicle marking, visual communication and surface protection applications, has announced new PVC-free eco-friendly films for digital printing and signage applications.

The new products include: HEXIS A5000 Smartac Evolution cuttable coloured films for sign making; and HEXIS HX500WG2 and HXL300WG2 for digital printing applications. They have been specifically designed to reduce the impact on the environment compared to PVC films, and contain no PVC, chlorine, solvents, plasticisers or heavy metals in their chemical formulation.

HEXIS A5000 Smartac Evolution cuttable coloured films for signage applications

This high-performance next-generation 60µm high gloss cast polyurethane film is perfectly suited for outdoor signage applications and can be applied on a wide variety of flat, concave or convex surfaces. It is very high gloss and offers excellent outdoor durability, making it an ideal solution for both long- and short-term lettering applications. The film is available in 15 popular sign making colours including metallic.

HEXIS A5000 Smartac Evolution benefits from a HEXIS-formulated high quality clear solvent acrylic adhesive. This industrial grade adhesive sticks to a wider variety of surfaces and can be wet-applied. It is also able to resist lower and higher temperatures, as well as high humidity conditions.

PVC and phthalate-free, HEXIS A5000 Smartac Evolution also offers easy weeding down to 3mm. Thanks to its green credentials, it is suitable for use in and around schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, councils, museums, children’s play areas and more.

HEXIS HX500WG2 for digital printing applications

This next-generation 50µm cast polyurethane high gloss film has been designed specifically for the ‘greener’ wrapping of vehicles. It is compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable inks and offers enhanced printing properties including better ink diffusion, optimised ink consumption and ink savings, thereby reducing overall ink costs.

HEXIS HX500WG2 incorporates HEX’Press grey solvent adhesive technology which aids quick application onto vehicles and helps eliminate air bubbles.

As further proof of its eco-friendly credentials, HEXIS HX500WG2 has also been specified for Tesla electric cars.

HEXIS HXL300WG2 for digital printing applications

HEXIS HXL300WG2 is a next-generation, very high gloss 100µm cast latex film for flat and slightly curved surfaces. This durable film is suitable for billboards, hoardings, posters, wall and vehicle graphics.

As with the HEXIS HX500WG2 film, HEXIS HXL300WG2 is compatible with eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable inks, and offers enhanced printing properties. It also benefits from HEXIS HEX’Press grey solvent adhesive technology for ease of application.

HEXIS A5000 Smartac Evolution signage film, and HEXIS HX500WG2 and HXL300WG2 digital printing films, are all PVC and phthalate-free, and are M1 rated for smoke emission and F1 rated for fire certification.

HEXIS is also able to offer a matched PVC-free laminate range – HEXIS PC500G2 – to further bolster the durability and protect the surface of the new digital printing films.

Managing Director Scott Wilkins comments: “These new ranges can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, and offer excellent durability. They are easy to install, easy to remove, and have no negative impact on the environment.

“Thanks to its continuous investment in R&D, HEXIS has been able to put its commitment towards the environment into practice within its eco-friendly product development plans. These very competitively-priced new ranges really will help our customers to ‘go green with HEXIS’!”

Pricing and availability

All three PVC-free ranges are available with immediate effect.

HEXIS A5000 Smartac Evolution can be purchased in 610mm and 1230mm widths, and in multiples of 5m up to 30m rolls. Prices start from £7.85/m².

HX500WG2 can be purchased in 1370mm x 45m and 1520mm x 45m rolls, with pricing starting from £9.34/m².

HEXIS HXL300WG2 can be purchased in 1370mm x 40m rolls, with pricing starting from £8.64/m².