Nettl chicken and egg
Research into selling a website design build and host service is proceeding at a good speed 


I have discovered Nettl who have prompted me to update one of my favourite talking our industry up phrases. "Quick printers are first out of any down turn or business recession as we touch all new businesses as they all have to start with a business card".


I guess after 30 years this needs updating as now not entirely true.


Consider what text we require to promote all these new start up businesses?


There you have it; email to match website address and the website needs to be built, be live and functional.


Yes they will all require print to promote the website, brochures, contact gathering but we are now in a chicken and egg scenario.


I am convinced that our print industry needs to skill up to produce websites. 


The Nettl system allows this by utilising our existing experience in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. No requirement to write code, as this is a co-operative knowledge share opportunity to publish websites using our existing in-house skill set. 


Hoorah, I have been looking for this for some time so now am very excited to take the test drive, or rather my daughter Becky as she has the design skill set in place.


QPP are road testing this project with specific goals in mind; Training new skills for our industry, winning new business for printers, making them more sustainable and importantly securing existing business.


If our industry says no to building a website the website industry will attract all the following print too.


The training and courses offered look very worthwhile to our part of the industry. Helping print businesses expand while helping every type of new business.


The proof will be shared in our on going case study, “Where are you on your web journey so far and do you need help?” Watch this space.