An innovative new outdoor display board, world-leading in its moisture resistance and ideal for retail bollard shrouds and promotional signage, has been launched by Swanline Paper & Board (SPB).
Cygnus Outdoor Display combines strong environmental credentials with water resistance lasting up to 15 weeks, offering retailers and those operating in other sectors requiring outdoor signage, such as leisure, construction and horticulture, a revolutionary solution.

Developed under SPB’s Cygnus brand of packaging and display products, Cygnus Outdoor Display contains up to 60% recycled fibre, is FSC certified and is 100% recyclable. Its innovative 100% paper fibre composition enables an unrivalled resistance to moisture, even compared to less ecologically sound polyethylene (PE) coated alternatives.
The outdoor signs and display market has, until now, been dominated by plastic substrates due to weather durability issues. If using a fibre-based material, a PE coating would need to be applied to create moisture resistance. Cygnus Outdoor Display’s innovative design removes the need for a PE coating without compromising water resistance, graphic/print capabilities or environmental qualities.

Ross Griffin, Managing Director at SPB, said: “Cygnus Outdoor Display is a ground breaking development in outdoor signage that delivers on quality, cost and the environment. Its strong environmental credentials and unique, robust fibre construction enable it to be a viable alternative to plastic and PE-coated outdoor products.
“This is an incredibly exciting innovation for the industry as it takes outdoor signage to another level, combining multiple benefits that will have a significant positive impact for our customers.”
Cygnus Outdoor Display is a two side coated board, suitable for all temporary exterior signage applications, such as hanging signs, bollard shrouds, A-boards and posters, and for use indoors where moisture or humidity is an issue.
Unlike some other products, it does not require edge frames to protect it from water ingress which leads to board deterioration.

The material has a high resistance to tearing when in a damp environment and supports exceptional print quality, without deterioration on both sides of the material. Its smooth print surface means that, when compared to fluted polypropylene, there is no flute shadow whether screen, offset or digitally printed.
Mr Griffin added: “Swanline is an expert in constructional materials and design. There is no limit to the range of materials we can offer and through sheer cleverness and skill in design, our graphics team can ensure that outdoor displays and signage stands out from the rest. Our focus is to constantly deliver unique solutions that will add value for customers.”
Available exclusively in the UK, in calipers of 830, 1250, 1500 and 2200 microns, in bespoke or stock sizes up to 1700 x 3600mm, Cygnus Outdoor Display forms part of the wider portfolio of Cygnus branded products available from SPB for the corrugated packaging and point-of-sale sectors.

For more information on Swanline solutions, please visit www.swanline-pb.co.uk