X-Rite Brings Colour Measurement Accuracy to Smartphones and Online Shopping

X-Rite Incorporated, and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, have announced the launch of Color-Eye®, a groundbreaking solution that brings accurate colour measurement to smartphones and ecommerce applications. Color-Eye uses a smartphone and a colour calibration card to help consumers shop for new items that match or complement the colour of items they have at home. It delivers the highest level of colour consistency available in a consumer retail shopping application. Cosmetics, home and fashion and retail paint companies can integrate Color-Eye into their existing mobile shopping applications, allowing consumers to search, match and purchase goods with a high degree of colour confidence.

X-Rite research shows that consumers lack confidence in purchasing colour-critical items online. This uncertainty is typically due to past experiences which did not meet expectations and a difficulty in communicating colour from home to store. Consumers expect to be able to simply take a photo of the inspiration colour and match it to a desired item. However, digital camera technology alone cannot accurately determine an object’s colour, which is affected by lighting, glossiness, texture, angle of view, and sensitivity of the camera. Colour calibration tools and colour software are required to help overcome these challenges to provide a more colour accurate image.

“Colour is a deciding factor in a customer’s purchasing decision and can be a leading cause for customer returns,” said Chris Winczewski, Vice President, Strategy and Product Planning, X-Rite. “Color-Eye is the only solution on the market that incorporates both a colour calibration card and software to ensure accurate colour results in a mobile application. With Color-Eye, retailers will be able to help customers accurately match a paint colour to a favourite pillow or accent piece, simply by capturing the colour on a mobile device. This has the potential to reshape how consumers search, match and purchase goods such as apparel, home décor or cosmetics on mobile devices.”

How Color-Eye Works
Color-Eye is a slim colour calibration card that is used in collaboration with a smartphone application to accurately measure the colour of any inspirational item. Colour readings are incorporated into a retailer’s mobile shopping application and deliver the consumer a set of matching or coordinating products.
Color-Eye utilises X-Rite’s expertise to calibrate colour values across all lighting conditions. The application, in use with the smartphone, incorporates dual-illumination technology by taking two images with the flash on and off resulting in improved colour accuracy. The calibration card is manufactured with a unique process that creates both glossy bubbles and patches to help account for lighting glare. Together the calibration card and the X-Rite software help prevent bad colour matches due to poor lighting; and guides users as they position the phone to avoid glare. The result is a more reliable colour reading that can communicate with a brand or retailer’s ecommerce application and product database to deliver consumers matching or harmonising products.
“Color-Eye builds on the success of the X-Rite CAPSUREme Cosmetic offering that uses custom printed cards and a smartphone to match skin tones with foundation colours,” continues Winczewski. “With Color-Eye, we have taken this technology a step further to account for lighting, texture and gloss in order to reliably match any item a consumer may
have at home to find coordinating colours. Color-Eye gives retailers and paint manufacturers the opportunity to build consumer trust by enabling greater confidence in colour-critical purchases, both online and in-store. This increases consumer loyalty, reduces returns, and drives purchases of paint and beyond.”
Color-Eye currently supports iPhone SE, 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+; Android Nexus 5; and Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, S7 Active. Additional devices will be supported in the future.

For more information about the Color-Eye solution, please visit us www.xrite.com/categories/mobile-apps/coloreye