Talking Print launches new ‘Cards & Modules’ B2C shop

London based audio and video in print consultancy, Talking Print, has announced the launch of its new brand - Cards & Modules. Selling through eBay, the online shop allows customers to really get creative and produce their own unique, personalised audio and video brochures, cards, gifts and mementoes.

The shop is a unique eBay first, as never have customers had the ability to buy short run white label audio and video modules online, and Talking Print is THE only company to offer this service.

The Cards & Modules eBay Shop provides customers with the ability to purchase blank modules with a built-in video screen, or alternatively, blank cards with a built-in audio module. These can then be adapted so they create something totally unique, beautiful and memorable.

There are six types of video books available through the Cards & Modules shop. These are; 2.4”, 3”, 4”, 5” screens, which are available with soft back card and 256MB of memory. There are also 7” and 10” screens, which come as hard back books with 2GB of memory. The audio cards are supplied as Record Your Own cards, Audio Modules and Audio Greeting Cards, allowing your own personalised message to be added.

Customers both young and old can easily use the Cards & Modules products, and will like their unique qualities. Both amateur and professional creatives love these products, as they can tailor them to suit their own requirements. Amateur creatives can let their artistic minds go to work by simply adding their own art and a video or audio, allowing them to create cards and gifts that the recipient will love and treasure.

Alternatively, for professional creatives, the Cards & Modules can also be used to create presentations and samples that have a real WOW factor. By adding your own video to the print will take the print to a whole new dimension, and leave a lasting impression.

Talking Print is the brainchild of David Hyams.  Explaining the new Cards and Modules eBay shop he stated, “We (Talking Print) have been selling on both eBay and Amazon for some time now, but just very low-key. With this new eBay shop we are opening up our offer even further.”

David continued, “Customers can be as creative as they wish, but they will be creating a card or module the like of which they have never produced before. I look forward to seeing their creative juices go to work to produce their finished articles.”

Talking Print has developed exciting ways to combine audio and video with any kind of printed material, by using audio, video and sensor technology they can help their clients create the most original and creative marketing material you’ve ever seen or heard!

Talking Print don’t just understand design and print, it’s their background and DNA. Uniquely they understand how to integrate this sensory technology in to print.

The new online eBay shop can be viewed at: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/talkingprint