Ashgate launch large format K640bookletmaker and trimmer for sub £16000

With digital printing presses now commonly able to print long sheets, alongside existing litho solutions, the ability to finish short volume, larger format books at an affordable price is becoming increasingly requested maintains Lewis Price, Managing Director, Ashgate Automation. This is why the KAS KF 640 and 640T large format hand-held, floor standing bookletmaker and trimmer, manufactured in the UK by KAS Paper Systems are a major breakthrough and the first of their type on the market.

Designed to produce a maximum booklet size of 320mm x3320mm and more common sizes like A4 landscape and 12” x 12” it comes in at sub £16000, making it a cost effective investment. Unlike some of it more expensive competitors, it will handle a maximum sheet size of 640mm x 320mm, which means that SRA2 sheets will not require pre-trimming of the short edge on a guillotine prior to producing A4 booklets. It handles a maximum sheet size for A6 booklets and CD 120mm x 120mm booklet production. It is compatible to connect with squarefold units to give booklets a squared spine finish.

Simple to use, quiet in operation and reliable, the KF 640 can cater for the very lowest of bespoke run lengths to large digital and litho work, producing up to 1500 books an hour. These can be up to 25 sheets plus cover (100pp).It has heavy duty 44 gauge staple heads using 44/6mm and 44/8mm staples and a low staple warning system. Features include a pro-clench flat clenched staple system and a high speed fold knife system which eliminates marking. A loop stapling modification is available as an option. A high capacity conveyor stacks even the heaviest of books and folds away for easy storage when not in use.
It is supplied with the on-line 640T trimmer so that books come off the line completely finished, which is essential in a short run, quick turnaround environment.

Further information from Lewis Price - tel 01865 891904