Taopix - Introducing 2018r1

Taopix has announced the first in a series of significant upgrades in 2018 for their leading photobook and photo gift software platform.

“Making our customers as successful as possible is at the heart of everything we do here at Taopix.” says James Gray, Founder and CEO of the company. “In close consultation with our customers we’re starting this year’s release calendar with a whole host of improvements to make the user experience simpler, significantly faster and much more seamless to the overall customer journey.’ continues James.

The first of three new releases this year sees the introduction of the Easy Editor for all products across all devices. Easy Editor greatly simplifies the book and gift creation experience for the end user. Easy Editor also makes the user experience significantly faster. Combining simplicity of use, automation and performance upgrades to the overall platform, Taopix is now arguably the fastest software on which to deploy a photobook or photo gift business.

“Ease of use and speed are two of the most important ingredients in maximising customer conversion.” Says Steffen Haaga, Commercial Director at Taopix. “In launching Easy Editor, we’ve also taken the opportunity to completely refresh the look and feel of the online customer journey. The entire online experience looks amazing. It seamlessly integrates with our customers eCommerce sites, it is very easy for their customers to use and it is extremely fast. We genuinely believe this element of the new release will significantly improve conversion rates and minimise project abandonment.’ concludes Steffen.

Taopix is renowned for its power and flexibility. Customers can choose which default user experience to deploy, either the new Easy Editor or the more advanced editor they know and love. Unique to Taopix however, is the ability for the end customer to toggle between the two experiences for simplicity when required but complexity where necessary.
This latest release from Taopix also includes industry standard file formats for 3D previews of gift products. Seamlessly integrating with the designer’s workflow Taopix now makes the almost limitless array of 3D gifts look amazing.
The latest release supports more payment gateways and more calendars than ever before, allowing customers to reach further in expanding the boundaries of their own business.

“2018’s first release is the start of many things to come this year. We are relentlessly focused on helping our customers build the most successful businesses they can. Much of what we’re delivering now in this first release is based on significant platform upgrades that will allow us to constantly deliver a better product through the course of 2018. With another release in the summer and another before the end of the year, we will add more innovation to the product during 2018 than at any time before.” says James Gray, Founder and CEO of Taopix. “The photo, gift and personalisation industry is extremely competitive. It is our primary goal to equip our customers with the best available tools to build hugely successful businesses.’ concludes James.