Zebra Technologies Unveils Card Printing Solution Designed to ‘Fit Everywhere’

Zebra Technologies Corporation has announced a new generation of intelligent card printers and card design software designed to bring high-quality card printing solutions to the security, retail and hospitality industries as well as education and finance institutions. Zebra’s award-winning design team created the ZC100 and the ZC300 series card printers to redefine traditional card printers and provide a cohesive, consistent experience at every touch point between the user and the printer, including initial set up to reloading cards and changing ribbons to device cleaning.

Zebra also announced CardStudio 2.0 software: a complete card design and issuance software suite ideal for creating and printing high quality photo identification (ID) cards like employee badges, access control cards for facility access, membership cards, food safety labeling, event/seasonal passes and more.

Offering a unique industrial design with the slimmest profile and lowest clearance in its class, the ZC100 and ZC300 Series card printers can be installed in space-constrained environments such as under a counter or shelf. The printers also offer customisable covers that allow businesses to create a printer that reflects its environment, making it ideal for any business where brand identity is important.

The ZC100 and ZC300 Series card printers feature an advanced card feeder that automatically adjusts to the thickness of each card, eliminating the error-prone process of manually adjusting for different card stocks. Swing-open card output doors and a new ribbon door design simplify the loading and unloading process. By reducing a multi-step process into just one step, ease of use improves along with device uptime while user learning curves are reduced.

· Security features include a printer cover lock and reject card bin that prevents card stock theft; printer and host authentication firewalls; and government-grade encryption features that help protect sensitive data in environments where data security is critical like financial organisations.

· The new ZC100 and ZC300 Series card printers are supported by Print DNA, a set of utilities and developer tools that deliver a superior printing experience through better performance, simplified remote manageability and easier integration. The printers also offer multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi for easy integration during deployment.

· The premium ZC350 card printer, a part of the ZC300 series, offers a higher level of rapid printing, smart card encoding and three new ribbons. Zebra ribbons feature built-in smart chips that automatically communicate to the device what type of media is being used and how much media is stocked. Each new ribbon addresses a key customer need such as security, robustness and special effects by offering high durability overlay panels to withstand damage, pearlescent marks to decrease counterfeit copies and metallic/3D capabilities to elevate a card’s look to fit a specific business need such as VIP memberships.

· Both the ZC300 and ZC350 card printers feature a graphical, easy-to-use colour LCD with support for 10 languages, plus a new flipper module option enabling dual-sided printing that can be easily upgraded.