Renz Launch New Argos F400 HD Cold UV Coater

Renz and Argos Solutions have announced the launch of their new F400 HD Cold UV Coater which they say is the glossiest UV coating finish available on the market.

Paul Simpson, Sales Manager at Renz said “Argos Solutions has entered new territory with this HD machine and the results are seriously impressive. It has all the features of previous Argos UV coaters, namely cold curing technology and very low cost per page, however this new HD gloss finish puts this machine in a league of its own”.
The Argos UV Coaters, made in Belgium, only use two grams of coating per square metre compared to other manufacturers which struggle with below 10 grams per square metre. Furthermore, the LED UV lamp sleep mode ensures extremely low power consumption.

“Flood UV coating has over the years developed a bit of a reputation for being unsafe due to the high temperatures and high emissions used on traditional UV coating machines mainly manufactured in the Far East” Simpson commented. The Argos Solutions range of UV coaters are recognised as the safest on the market with the cold lamp technology developed in Belgium, the machines do not go above 25 degrees Celsius. This also ensures instant curing time which allows the customer to process the paper directly after coating.

“There’s never been a better time to invest in UV coating. Not only are the running costs substantially cheaper than plastic lamination, there’s also the added benefit of a plastic free finish”.
The new Argos Solutions F400 HD model compliments the other flood UV coaters in the range, the F400 LED and the F400 with a traditional UV lamp. Argos also offer 540mm wide machine versions for the B2 size market. The Argos UV coating machines can be put in-line with digital print engines or used as offline finishing machines coupled with a feeder and a stacker.

Renz UK are the UK distributor for Argos Solutions. Earlier this year Renz GmbH and Argos Solutions entered into a formal manufacturing and distribution partnership. Iain Bullock, Managing Director, Renz UK, commented: “For Renz the partnership with Argos is a logical extension of our existing portfolio of high efficiency punching and binding machines for wire comb binding in the digital printing market segment”.