Vpaper Tower Delivers the Ultimate Lay-flat Finish

Peleman Industries, a leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of printed presentation and photo solutions as well as lay-flat paper technology, has introduced the single most efficient way to create printed documents and photo books that stay open effortlessly. Vpaper Tower is now available in the UK.

Having long established a name for itself in the field of quality printed presentations through the UniBind brand, Peleman Industries is now further broadening its portfolio with the introduction of the Vpaper Tower.

Bringing a cutting-edge solution to the market, the Vpaper Tower has been designed to turn any double sided printed or printable paper into lay-flat pages, one by one. To ensure that every single sheet of documents and books of all sizes lay open, Peleman Industries’ innovative Vpaper technology relaxes the paper fibres through a three-step process, creating a supple hinge at the spine of the book.

As Tsol Keoshgerian, CEO, Peleman Industries Ltd, UK, (formerly known as Unibind Systems Ltd), pinpointed, Vpaper Tower is unlike any other solution in the market.
“The Vpaper technology is a truly one of a kind solution that turns ordinary paper into hinged paper without the need to invest in costly readymade paper or to keep inventory of a variety of different paper types,” explained Keoshgerian. “The Vpaper Tower combines three techniques: creasing, folding and pressing. The result is a high quality book or publication that lays open effortlessly.”

Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, Vpaper Tower offers a cost effective solution for a wide range of applications from soft and hard cover photo books to short-run books, catalogues, magazines and more, ensuring a convenient and comfortable reading and viewing experience and giving book producers, print and publishing houses a competitive edge over their peers.

In fact, as Keoshgerian explained, the Vpaper Tower is particularly gaining interest from photo book producers who, thanks to the revolutionary Vpaper technology, can now also produce lay-flat soft cover photo books, opening new avenues of growth and profit for them.

“When it comes to that much desired lay-flat effect, up until now the focus has been on hardcover photo books. Not anymore. Our Vpaper technology ensures that even soft cover photobooks lay open, heralding a whole new era in photo book production,” said Keoshgerian.

Suitable for any paper between 70 and 250 g/m2 for up until 320mm x 460 mm, Vpaper Tower is profitable from just 1,500 books per month, guaranteeing a fast return on investment.
Peleman Industries will be presenting its cutting-edge Vpaper technology at the upcoming The Print Show on September 18 – 20, in Birmingham, UK.