Sample Packs of Digitally Printed Stand-Up Pouches

BakPac is a new trade digital flexible packaging manufacturer, launched at the start of 2020 by Baker Labels following a £2.5m investment in equipment and factory renovations. They have over 45 years of printing experience and have built a strong reputation as a trusted trade supplier to the label printing industry. Their intention with BakPac is to not only extend this reputation into the flexible packaging industry but to extend what they are able to offer to their current label printing customers.

They have produced comprehensive sample packs of unbranded stand-up pouches that emphasise the diversity in the markets that flexible packaging is used in. Using a selection of base materials in silver (METPET/PE)*, white (PET/EEVOH-WHITE)* and clear (PET/EEVOH – CLEAR)* and various thermally laminated finishes including soft-touch, matt, gloss, linen and leather, the digitally printed pouches are designed to emphasise their capability and quality, both to reassure conventional packaging producers and inspire label manufacturers with what they could offer.


BOPP - Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene
PET – Polyester
MET PET – Metallized Polyester
PE – Polyethylene
EVOH – Ethylene-vinyl Alcohol (Barrier layer)

All sample pouches were printed on an HP Indigo 20000 digital press before being thermally laminated on their Enprom Thermal Laminator then converted on the Karville KS-DSUP-400-GSW Pouchmaker. Although all the samples in the pack are the same size they can produce stand up pouches and pillow pouches in a wide variety of sizes.

Options such as zippers, tear notches and euro slots are available of course plus they have some added extras available to customers such as multi-web pouches so different materials and finishes can be used on the face, reverse and gusset.

Why have BakPac as a trade supplier of digitally printed flexible packaging?
Digitally printed flexible packaging may only represent a tiny percentage of the flexible packaging market but in the growing digital climate, it is likely to increase. As a trade supplier they can help ensure conventional flexible packaging manufacturers don’t miss the opportunity to maximise profits on all enquiries from customers looking for the advantages of digitally printed flexible packaging such as reduced waste and low MOQs.

The attraction of short runs and variability that digital flexible packaging offers is perfect for seasonal specials, trials and many small to medium businesses. By working with BakPac, customers that are currently printing conventionally can offer this to their customers instead of them moving to another supplier. The cost threshold of digital v traditional is decreasing so BakPac will not be suitable for end users requiring higher quantities but while they’re growing BakPac is perfectly positioned to allow conventional manufacturers what they need. When they scale up they’ll be able to do it without a break in the sales relationship.

For current label manufacturers they aim to become their flexible packaging production arm, allowing them to provide a whole new service to their customers and giving them an opportunity to grow within the flexible packaging market. BakPac can support them by sharing their knowledge of the flexible packaging industry via online training workshops and selling tools such as unbranded sample packs and artwork templates.

BakPac’s Trade Services include:

• Producing complete pouches for various markets in different materials and with a selection of finishes and embellishments.

• Print only roll stock for customers to laminate and convert to pouches themselves

• Print and laminate for customers to convert. We use an Enprom Thermal Laminator that is solvent free and can offer a wide range of suitable laminating materials.

• Pouch conversion from customer printed stock