Two New Cutting Tables from Morgana Systems

Morgana Systems, Milton Keynes, has announced the addition of two new models to its popular range of flatbed cutters. Firstly, there is a new smaller “entry level” version of the popular and versatile Optima system, and secondly a more automated new addition to the range, the Omnia, complete with an automated feeder.

The Optima V50 is the latest and smallest of the current range of flatbed cutters and is designed for digital printers needing to cut a wide range of substrates in thickness up to 20mm but who are tight on floorspace.

The Omnia combines the versatility of the Optima products with regards to substrate range along with a newly designed sheet feeder and optical register system, meaning that the system can be set to run repetitive tasks without requiring an operator. The system can even be left to run unattended overnight.

Commenting on the new additions, Ray Hillhouse, VP Sales & Marketing for the Plockmatic Group Offline Business Unit, said: “These two new units further enhance our range of cutting tables. The Optima V50 addresses the entry level sector, where a small but highly versatile device is an essential ingredient. It’s an ideal starting point for those seeing the need for a cutting table.
“The Omnia breaks new ground in automating cutting table processes. For those businesses with a growing demand for repetitive tasks, Omnia can produce a great many tasks without the need for an operator to stand over the machine, including “lights out” production of work overnight.”
Optima V50 - Optima V50 is the entry level cutting solution for short run cutting projects. Extremely compact and affordable, it’s the ideal solution for a company wishing to start producing mock-ups, prototypes, and small production lots without the need for die cutting.

Optima V50 is a single head cutting system capable of swapping from one tool to another in less than 10 seconds without any adjustment. It comes as standard with a tangential cutting tool (cutting material up to 5mm thick), a creasing tool and a camera, which in combination with OptiCrop software, allows you to detect printing crop marks and perform contour cuts. An optional oscillating cutting tool will allow substrates up to 20 mm to be cut expanding the range of applications.
The Optima V50 can hold two A3+ sheets or a material whose maximum size is 55 x 80cm. The machine comes with a basement workbench, a vacuum bed for easier media holding, and a fold away pins system to aid easy alignment.
The product is equipped with a creasing tool and a set of nine different creasing and perforating wheels that can handle cardstocks and corrugated cardboards.

Omnia - When you need to automate long and repetitive operations, Omnia is the ideal solution. Set the desired workflow, start the process, and then Omnia will carry out the project independently, without the need for an operator for hours. At any stage of the production process Omnia will recognise and report errors or malfunctions, avoiding any wastage of materials.
The oversized feeder and suction system automatically deliver materials into the cutting machine, which has a 600 x 800mm cutting table. The automatic crop mark detection allows a hands free cutting process and a status indicator will notify the operator when the feeder has dropped to the minimum quantity so It can be reloaded. The feeder can stack up to 500 sheets of 300gsm card stock.

The QR Code feature improves workflow even further. The camera quickly detects the code, brings up the cut details, and then executes each project, eliminating cut lists.

Average speed per sheet is calculated in 30/45 seconds when cutting A3+ sheet and a medium complexity package design.