Mondi launches gaming app about workplace safety

Mondi, a leader in packaging and paper, has launched a health and safety app as a new way to communicate to its colleagues on wellbeing in the workplace. Mondi Corrugated Solutions has launched the app to raise awareness of workplace safety rules in an accessible and entertaining way. The app entitled HEADS UP! is free to download for all Mondi employees and the general public.

The app incorporates the latest research on the psychology of safe behaviour into a game format to reinforce commitment to the nine safety rules across Mondi’s plants and mills. The game design takes its inspiration from corrugated boxes, the main product of Mondi Corrugated Solutions and features the company's corporate colours and branding, making it instantly recognisable and familiar.

“We used the priming psychology effect in our health and safety communication at Mondi. In the app, we’ve deployed this effect by using gamification to connect the learning of behavioural rules with a positive experience of playing a game,” said Sabine Nellen, Safety and Health Manager, Mondi Corrugated Solutions who led the development of the app.

HEADS UP! strikes a balance between education and entertainment. The app contains nine mini-games, each of which corresponds to one of Mondi’s nine safety rules. Each safety rule is explained before the start of each game. Players can then test their ability to solve riddles, react quickly and find their way through obstacle courses, all within the theme of Mondi’s culture of safety and health.

“Gamification is the ideal tool for safety and health communication. Statistics show that smartphone gamers come from all occupations, with an almost equal gender and age distribution that matches the average working population,” said Matthias Kreuziger, Creative Director of Pen&Paper, the agency that supported Mondi in developing the app.

The app is one of many new developments in Mondi’s comprehensive digitalisation of its business. As the group moves to using more advanced analytics, automation and robotics to better serve its customers with innovative and sustainable packaging and paper solutions.

Armand Schoonbrood, COO Corrugated Solutions, adds, “To protect the health and safety of our colleagues, which is our highest priority, we want to use different approaches. HEADS UP! will help ensure colleagues are aware of the rules, understand them and mostly importantly adopt them as part of their daily behaviour. Creating the app is an innovative approach that may well become a benchmark for safety communication. Most importantly, we hope it will help keep colleagues safe and support a mindset of safety at all times.”

HEADS UP! can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The app is supported on iOS and Android devices. The content, graphics and sounds are licensed by Mondi Corrugated Solutions.

Mondi’s Nine Safety Rules
1. Work with a valid permit when required.
2. Respect speed limits, keep travelling paths, using seat belts and only use a mobile phone with hands-free equipment while driving.
3. Obtain authorisation before entering a confined space and take the necessary precautions.
4. Protect yourself against falling when working at heights.
5. Test isolation before work begins and use specified life-saving equipment.
6. Obtain authorisation before overriding or disabling protective equipment.
7. Do not stand or walk under a suspended load.
8. Conduct a chemicals assessment and wear specified PPE when required.
9. When working in the forests, keep a safe distance at all times.