Kernow’s new antimicrobial synthetic for dry toner

Kernow Coatings has announced that they are underway with introducing new antimicrobial protection to KernowPrint PRO for dry toner.

Kernow supports the fight against contaminants and COVID-19. With hygiene now of paramount importance to businesses, antimicrobial agents have been proven to act as a powerful ally in protecting people from surfaces which may be infected with bacteria, reducing the spread of potential viruses. KernowPrint Antimicrobial can be cleaned with soapy water, bleach or safely disinfected with a wide variety of alcohol and solvent based cleaning agents without removing or damaging the surface. The technology used is proven to inhibit the growth of microbes by up to 99.94% efficacy, along with inhibiting the growth of common food poisoning bacteria on treated surfaces.

Bosy Colak, President, Kernow North America, commented - “We often overlook how many surfaces we come into contact with on a daily basis whilst carrying out normal tasks on autopilot - visiting supermarkets, petrol stations, banks, restaurants and healthcare providers. If surfaces and counters are not properly cleaned or disinfected, bacteria is allowed to spread quickly and easily. KernowPrint Antimicrobial is a hygienic, durable solution over standard synthetic or laminated papers and provides inbuilt antimicrobial protection, giving 24/7 surface protection for the lifetime of the product. It has a wealth of applications, from military to medical, hospitality to retail and of course within the education sector. Reducing the risk of contaminants spreading is now a prerequisite for every industry and business”.

Kernow Coatings is currently transitioning its KernowPrint PRO Matt White Dry Toner line to the new enhanced antimicrobial version which is available in a variety of stocked and bespoke sizes and in thicknesses ranging from 95 micron through 350 micron.

For more information about KernowPrint Antimicrobial please contact your Kernow Account Manager or get in touch via the Kernow website - www.kernowcoatings.com