Resolute adds to its green button line up with the new R-Jet Pro.

The R-Jet Pro is a no frills custom built DTG printer that utilises dual print head technology. It is the latest addition to Resolute's popular Green Button DTG Systems.

Says Colin Marsh, Managing Director of Resolute DTG, the R-Jet Pro has all the latest technology including offset dual print heads allowing for fast single pass printing. We’ve left the fancy bits it doesn’t need in the factory keeping the build cost down. Our latest market research indicated price and performance was more important than luxury features in the current economic climate. That said the R-Jet Pro still benefits from a push button horse-shoe platen system with optical height limit switch including three sizes of interchangeable platens.

Driven by Resolute RIP and running on Resolute Premium Inks, the R-Jet Pro is a powerful combination. It is designed to be walk up ready without using ink when on standby, this is a unique feature made possible by the properties of Resolute Premium Inks combined with their tried and tested iWICS (intelligent white ink control system). Its industrial sized bulk ink system holds a full one litre of each colour including white. The iWICS system circulates the white ink through the printer and back into an automatically agitating storage tank. The R-Jet Pro looks after itself when not in use with nothing to shake and without using ink.

The printer is set to launch with attractive pricing and will include the new Resolute RIP software, mainland UK delivery, installation, training and a full 12-month on-site warranty. Printing a dark shirt with an A4 size image in just under 90 seconds at 2400dpi in a single pass and costing approximately 50% less in consumables than other higher priced systems the new R-Jet Pro is set to be a hard act to follow.