Xerox Premium NeverTear paper now with with antimicrobial

Antalis UK has released a new and improved Xerox Premium NeverTear paper which now features a Biomaster antimicrobial coating.

Xerox Premium NeverTear is a synthetic paper, designed to create durable documents in the most challenging environments. The new addition of Biomaster antimicrobial protection provides a more hygienic solution to these documents.

Xerox Premium NeverTear synthetic paper, stocked by Antalis UK, is waterproof, tearproof, greaseproof and alcohol resistant, making it a natural choice for consumers applications requiring a robust product in a variety of challenging environments. Its coated white matt polyester film makes it suitable for laser printing, and it has high durability without the need for lamination or encapsulation.

Over the past year the importance of hygiene has grown significantly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Xerox Premium NeverTear is designed to be easily cleaned with soapy water, bleach or safely disinfected with a variety of alcohol and solvent based agents, but now has the added protection of the antimicrobial coating, ensuring that the product offers a more hygienic solution to documents.

Xerox Premium NeverTear’s Biomaster antimicrobial protection works to protect the product surface and inhibit unwanted microbe growth. The Biomaster treatment is food and water safe, and has been independently tested to ISO22196, inhibiting bacterial growth by up to 99%.

The new coating is currently available on the Xerox Premium NeverTear matt white products from 95-350 micron with plans to extend this throughout the range.

Tim Percival, Antalis Category Director, Office and Digital Papers said: “Xerox Premium NeverTear, with Biomaster antimicrobial protection, has never been more relevant. It is particularly ideal for printed materials and signage in hospitals, healthcare environments and in the food hospitality markets for items like menus where there is the possibility of a lot of handling and hygiene is of the highest importance.”