Canon launches new imagePROGRAF GP Series

Canon is releasing a total of four new “imagePROGRAF” series large format printers.  These new models include the imagePROGRAF GP-4000 (44 inch) and GP-2000 (24 inch) which use 10 ink colours including red, orange, green and violet, plus fluorescent pink. The new imagePROGRAF GP-300 (36 inch) and GP-200 (24 inch) will also be launched which use five striking ink colours, plus fluorescent pink.

Joe Courts, Head of Product Marketing at Canon UK & Ireland, comments: “As retail, hospitality and leisure businesses focus on reopening and recovery, bright, vibrant promotional poster graphics have a critical role to play in grabbing consumers’ attention, driving footfall and stimulating sales. For graphics producers, creative agencies and in-house print departments serving these businesses, the new imagePROGRAF GP Series printers have been developed to make vivid colours pop and bring campaign visuals to life, print after print.

“With a choice of four GP printer models offering 10 or five pigmented aqueous inks, plus fluorescent pink ink and three different printing widths, businesses of all sizes can reproduce a wider colour gamut and add zing with fluorescent pink - creating eye-catching posters that really pack a punch.  In addition, these new large format printers are just as productive, efficient and easy to use as the rest of the imagePROGRAF family, so customers can focus on the future and get ready to come back brighter.”

The world’s first large format printer with aqueous pigment fluorescent ink achieves high impact graphical output
“Radiant Infusion” technology layers a newly developed fluorescent pink ink with the other inks on the paper surface during printing, which enables bright and soft colour reproduction, while the bundled PC software “PosterArtist Lite” enables users to create high impact posters easily. In addition, the imagePROGRAF GP-4000 and GP-2000 feature red, orange, green and violet inks, that expand the range of colour reproduction to achieve the largest colour gamut for the imagePROGRAF series.

New printers receive a“PANTONE™-calibrated”license for a wide range of applications

The new imagePROGRAF GP series has been awarded the world’s first “PANTONE-calibrated” license for “PANTONE PASTELS & NEONS GUIDE Coated”, which includes fluorescent and pastel colours. In addition, the GP-4000 and GP-2000 models achieved 99% coverage of the “PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated” used in a wide range of applications, such as printing and design, and obtained a further PANTONE-calibrated”license.  As the choice of colour specification at the time of design expands, it becomes possible to express the colour intended by the designer.

For more information and product specifications for each model, please visit:

imagePROGRAF GP-4000

imagePROGRAF GP-2000

imagePROGRAF GP-300

imagePROGRAF GP-200